Soft Baked Vegan Triple Vanilla Cookies A kitchen creation of Wildflower Farm

Wildflower Triple Vanilla cookies

Our most recent set of guests have left us… And we will miss them. They were so interesting to talk to. I wish they had stuck around longer. I would have loved to learn a bit about art history. But that is the nature of a B&B, people pass through on their own time. And I am here to entertain a little if I am lucky or just facilitate their stay here on some very hidden background level, or anywhere in between. It depends on the guests. These guests were a lot of fun. We have been lucky that so many of our guests have been absolutely charming and easy and fun to have around for a few days. It’s dark outside, the clouds are up there in the umbra… It has recently rained a lot… It would be so lovely to have some clear skies. We could go outside then with the telescope, snack like we always do at a dark picnic, with something nice and hot to drink, and whatever cookies I might have fresh on hand. Today, that would be Vegan Wildflower Farm Soft Triple Vanilla Cookies.

You will need a bowl and mixing spoon, all the ingredients, an oven set to 350, a small timer, 2 – 3 cookie sheets, and some baking paper to cover the baking sheet.

The ingredients
2 and 3/4ths cups all purpose flour
1 liberal teaspoon baking soda
1/2 liberal teaspoon baking powder
1 cup earth balance butter
1 cup + 2 tablespoons vanilla sugar
2 table spoons maple sugar
The egg substitute equivalent for 1 egg. (so for me 1 table spoon egg substitute powder and 2 table spoons of water. Check your package for the proper measurement for the substitute you are working with.)
2 teaspoons vanilla extract.
2 rds cup vanilla sugar for rolling cookies just before baking

You will note there is no salt in this recipe. The reason being, is because earth balance contains salt. Adding additional salt would be a bit too much salt.

Start with the butter at room temperature in a large bowl. Cream it, then add in the vanilla sugar  as well as the maple, and the egg subtitute, followed by the vanilla extract. Mix and cream together well. In another bowl, mix the dry ingredients. Gradually add the dry to the wet as you mix it in. Mix it well, then start rolling the dough into little balls each one the size of a slightly large tablespoon. Roll each one in the 2/3rds cup of vanilla sugar till they have been fully sugar dusted. Space them several inches apart on the pan, and put in the oven. Bake for about 8 minutes. Remove them and allow the cookies to cool. Dig in.

It makes the house smell glorious…. And it tastes amazingly vanilla-y.

What is vanilla sugar? You can sometimes find it at craft fairs, and high end kind of gifty food stores and stuff. What it is, is a couple of dehydrated to the point of brittle vanilla beans and a cup of standard sugar. You break the brittle beans into pieces after you dehydrate them, and you put them in a coffee grinder. Grind them into powder. In a small bowl mix the vanilla powder with 1 cup sugar. Typically they say 1 bean per 1 cup. I like doing 2 beans per cup myself, but depends how strong you like your vanilla. In addition to these cookies vanilla sugar would be great on the tops of muffins, it would do wonderfully on ice cream, or in coffee for just a few more things you can do with it. It makes great christmas gifts also a small package of this unbelievably delightful artisan sugar that you can make right in your own kitchen.

We love to sit outside with the telescope with sparks from deliciousness going off in our mouths, watching the sky on nights like tonight when we are luckier than tonight and there are no clouds. Instead, tonight we will stay in, have these with maybe chocolate ice cream for desert.

Later, I will keep several in the bread box for a few days and the rest I will put away in the freezer and bring them out in small collections till they are gone. This is a homestead, wasting is just not something we like to do when it is easy to avoid.

Now, I am off for chocolate ice cream triple vanilla cookies, in front of the first wood stove fire of the season if I am not mistaken… The nights get colder and colder lately and they are just getting started in that direction. I am looking forward to some nice blizzards and a lot of cozy. There really is nothing like warm triple vanilla cookies to kick off the cold season. I hope the clouds will pass soon and before too long we can take some of these out to eat while we watch the sky at night… It has been hard this year with all the rain and how over cast it has been. But every new day, is another opportunity so we will see what tomorrow gives us.

Thank you for reading
Enjoy the cookies
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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