Shop policies

Hello, and welcome to Wildflower Farm

Wildflower Farm, is a small homestead farm in a very small New England town. We also operate as an AirBnB/B&B. We strive to be as self sufficient as possible. We keep chickens, goats and large vegetable gardens, we are solar powered and in the spring we hope to build a greenhouse for winter eats.

I am an artist, crafter, and homestead farmer as well as an herbalist certified through Cornell. In our shop, I offer for sale any extra I get while making my supplies. From house cleaning cleansers, to the odd pantry item, to bath and body care and anything else I cook up around here that might be of interest. Many of these products we give away as a free gifts to our guests at the B&B. Guests were asking where they could buy the products they liked. Friends too were asking. So, we created a small shop.

We don’t operate well on deadlines, and farming and self sufficiency always comes first as do the needs of our animals. I will get your order out as quickly as I can, because your purchase waters my dreams of what this magical little tiny farm can be… Depending what is going on here things can take some time, so be prepared for a possible wait also. I am one woman trying to be everywhere at once, as is usually the case for women who homestead.


You should buy from us…. Because… No one believes in tomorrow quite like a gardener that buries seeds in the ground. It’s an investment in hope.


You should buy from us, because your contribution helps us feed the living creatures here, who give us so much. Including our chickens, who have been donating their eggs free of charge to those in need all through Covid.


You should buy from us, because when you do, you own a small piece of this beautiful, pastoral, homestead dream.


You should buy from us, because it’s handmade and homemade in America, by a salt of the earth homesteader and a local artist and crafter. You support old fashioned homestead ingenuity.


You should buy from us, because we are not a giant conglomerate. It’s just me, and I care about the quality of my materials, and about what I make and who I am making it for.


You should buy from us because everything up here is my own recipe or creation. It isn’t mass produced for a landfill. It isn’t a stolen recipe or idea. It likely is as utilitarian as it is beautiful.


You should buy from us, because we try to be as environmental, and as supportive of those in need as possible.We donate to the MSPCA, Several organizations that help refugees from war torn regions, music schools like Indian Hill helping to fund programs that teach inner city children music, and various environmental causes among other things.


You should buy from us for unique products


You should buy from us, because I won’t sell something I won’t and/or don’t use myself.

You should buy from us, because I utilize my skills as an herbalist to add extra healing components to many of the products I offer.

The list of reasons to order from us, could go on forever.


Payment information

We accept PayPal. We do not have any other methods of payment at this time.

Accepted payment methods


Shipping information

We ship everywhere in the world and will be happy to work out with you how you want your item/s shipped. It is best with food to ship them quickly.


Refunds and Exchanges

Our food products are not returnable as they are food and can not then be in the same state as they were when we shipped them. Therefore, all sales of an edible nature are final.

You may return broken jewelry if it arrives to you broken in the same packaging as you received it. This same standard applies to our bath products and kitchen crafts.

If we mess up your order somehow, we will do everything we are humanly able to do to fix it as immediately as we are able to.


Many thanks, for dreaming this tiny little dream with us and for helping us stay afloat. Your purchase, allows me to create more homestead magic. I love what I do. Thank you for giving me some of the tools to keep doing it.