About us

Come be greeted and hosted by the furry and feathered

The Farmers of Wildflower Farm

My husband and I bought this place after spending over a decade as international nomads wandering the world for his career. We were finally ready to settle down. Most would say we are rather young to be doing what we do out here and we don’t mind. We feel being younger adds a little more uniqueness, and make no mistake this is a very unique place.
The career that took us all over the world was my husband’s job in Academia, he holds a PhD in theoretical physics, and spent some time at NASA space camp in his late teens. One of our occasional hobbies is to look through his large telescope outside in the farm yard on clear nights. We welcome those here with us when we do this to join us.

I myself studied and continue to study music. You may hear the harp sometimes during the daylight hours, it is the current instrument I am trying to learn. I majored for a time in vocal performance, before returning to spend some time studying archaeology at the university level.

We found this beautiful spot and we work hard to make it even nicer for ourselves, as well as for our live stock and pets and of course for you our guests.

Our Hosts

Are waiting to meet you

Yoda is a black lab border collie cross. He is nine years old but he doesn’t realize he is not a puppy. We call him many nick names all given with love and intended to express affection. He is not small and we are constantly working on his manners with him. Because he loves our guests perhaps a bit too much. And expressing that love is something he just can’t seem to stop himself from doing. But he is friendly and sweet, sixty five pounds of lap dog. This is a farm and these are farm dogs.

Avery is a little dude that just wants to play ball. If he can find something gross to roll in he will. He can’t get enough of his ball. So anyone that wants to make his day or make a friend for life will take him out and throw it for him.

Heidi, is one of our two barn cats. She is fairly friendly and she will greet you outside when you pull up. Please keep your eyes open while driving our private road for both our barn cats. We ask that you do not pick her up but she will allow you to pet her and she will purr loudly.

Scarlett O’Hara is our problem child. She is a flirtasious barn cat that will touch you and rub on anything you present for her. She leads you to believe that she just wants to be pals.

Barn cats, become barn cats for a reason and ours were obtained through a special barn cat program. This program is their last chance at life, because for one reason or another they are un-adoptable. In the case of Scarlett, she isn’t friendly. So we ask our guests to please, stick to the grey and white kitty outside. Heidi, won’t hurt you. But the black and white Scarlett, is better not bothered.

Our Goats Annabelle, Annellie, Astrid, and Starry, are a playful crowd that haunt the hill in back. They have their good days and their bad days. Some are more friendly than others so if you wish to get close or offer them something to eat we ask that you speak to us and we would be happy to introduce you and provide something healthy for them to snack on.

The Chickens live in their cute little chicken coop in back. We welcome you to go lift the sides and to collect eggs. Chickens are a skittish bunch but we have some worms if you wish to offer them something they will appreciate. Our chickens are well loved.

The animals here are kept as pets including the chickens, and as animals that produce something that we can use. We do not ever kill our animals for meat. Not the chickens and not the goats. When someone is done producing we feel they have earned a happy retirement, and we allow nature to take it’s course.

All of us welcome you to our home here at Wildflower Farm,
where the sun shines and the air is fresh.

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