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Explore The Bay State – The Birthplace of a Nation

Things to do in MA

This region and nation’s history begins with early settlers from Europe. They first hit Province Town and ended their voyage at Plymouth Rock.
Massachusetts, is the oldest US state and has a great deal of culture and history to explore. This region is the birth place of independence. The climate is quite cold and often very snowy in the winter. Our spring time is breath taking, our summer months are a dream, and our autumn is rich and amazing. We are known too for our fog, and our wonderful coastal location.
This is a wonderful place to visit there is much to see, and learn, and explore. Our history is huge and meaningful, and our people, could give lessons in resilience.

First settled by Puritans, we had terrible events here such as The Salem Witch Trials. This fundimentalist mentality would ultimately give way to broader forms of thought that would give birth to Harvard University, and the early Harvard men such as Long Fellow, and Emerson. This region, celebrated the arts and philosophy and much new thought was born here right along side The Declaration of Independence, and a bunch of ugly business in the harbor with some unwanted tea from Great Britain.

We have endured through the last few hundred years, the great molasses flood of 1915, that killed a number of people. We survived our earliest problems such as starvation courtesy of the compassion shown to the western settlers by the local Native Americans. This region is the sight of the first thanks giving, and it is where one of the most famous love stories of all time took place when a Native American Daughter of the Powhattan fell in love with John Smith.

We are shaped by the strength of all the amazing adventurers, and free thinkers, that contributed in early time periods so that The Bay State can be what it is today. Strong enough to stand tall even when one of our most beloved traditions, our marathon, was assaulted by an act of violence. Even today, the people of this region are doing as they have always done, hiding from the big bad winter we have here, and celebrating the spring.

Today, Boston is a hub of high education, free thought, world class medicine, and liberalism. It is tied with Rhode Island, as the most atheist state in the union. It is often said to be the most European place in the country. Much has changed since the early days, but our heart and drive to persevere has not. We treasure our history and it serves as a life lesson for those that grow up here.

Massachusetts is famous for many things, Harvard University, The Patriots, Boston Lobstah (Lobster), our snow storms, and yes, there really are Dunkin Donuts everywhere we really do love them that much.
Things to Do Without Leaving the Farm

Great Ways to Have Fun

Participation in farm life and chores is entirely optional for guest, we welcome them to participate as much or little as they want. We welcome you to interact with our animals, collect eggs from the chickens, play ball with Avery the dog, cuddle with Yoda, hang out with the barn cats, raid the vegetable patch a little bit, or if the fruit trees are producing and in season, we welcome our guests to just grab a small snack if they choose to hang out in the farm yard. The berry bushes also have a lot to offer.

Inside, we have a number of board games for rainy days or to play by the wood stove if you get snowed in by a New England blizzard during your stay. Our book shelves are also over loaded with all kinds of reading material. There is space to play outside kick around a soccer ball, or have a picnic. There are two trails one that goes through the woods and is marked by orange ties on the trees that begins right here on the property. The other is much shorter.

It is just a nice path through some light forest area around the goat enclosure, so that you can see our animals from all sides. Watch them as they live their lives in their large enclosure. You don’t even need to leave the farm to enjoy some really wonderful autumn foliage. In the winter, it may be possible, to do a little bit of cross country skiing in the yard. We offer wifi in your room, so you will have access to internet activities as well.

All of us welcome you to our home here at Wildflower Farm, where the sun shines and the air is fresh.
Orchards Abound here in Small Town Berlin

Berlin, Off the Beaten Path

I first heard of Berlin, when I was 16, I was living in Lexington at the time. It was a foot note in some information about Massachusetts, I was reading on line. I started asking myself, because even at 16, I knew the state very well. Where is this Berlin, place? I wouldn’t get my answer until I was 34 and looking for a long term home for myseIf and my husband. We knew the general area we wanted to be in. We were looking all around Berlin. And by around, I mean all the surrounding towns. I typed Berlin into Zillow, on a whim, still wondering after all those years where this little foot note town was. Right in the heart of our area of interest in the middle of everything…. There it was. I fell in love with the photos of the first house of only 2, presently for sale in this small town. So, I picked up the phone and the rest is history… That lovely house I looked at on Zillow, has now come to be Wildflower Farm B&B.

We drove out to see Berlin, and the amazing house. We passed through down town and I could tell, just from looking at it that we were home Berlin, reminds me of the fictional town Stars Hollow from the TV show Gilmore Girls, only a much smaller and far more rural version. Lots of personality, lots of personalities, lots of strange and funny characters who grow on you sometimes in ways you never expected.

I am proud to call this town home, and I love that they still toll the church bell for everyone who dies. I love all the funny idiosyncrasies that make this town Berlin. And for me, it is so sweet to finally be putting down roots and I can’t imagine up a nicer place to settle.

Berlin, is a tiny historic town, the best kept secret of MA as it is only about 45 minutes to Boston, and because the folks who live in this town are a very special bunch of truly kind, caring, community oriented people. Hardworking and always busy, there is always some town project going on.This little town is known for it’s apple orchards, though saying it is known at all is bordering on a stretch, many people who have lived their whole lives here in The Bay State, have never even heard of little Berlin. The quietness and culture that come with being small unknown, and off the beaten path are perhaps this town’s most special gifts for those of us that make Berlin our home, and for those that pass through for a visit.

Go apple picking, hiking, horseback riding, or biking here in Berlin Go take a quick look through Berlin’s olde Town Hall at the photos of the men who went off to fight the civil war. Drive around and enjoy some of the nicest foliage New England has to offer. Or come for our Memorial Day Parade. Visit us for Berlin Home Day. Or stop by for the Catholic church’s little country fair.

Check out some of the local farms and their adorable little farm shops, such as Balance Rock that produces the most amazing bacon I have ever tasted, offers fabulous pies local honey and much more. You might even be able to convince them to give you a farm tour. I would also highly recommend Indian Head Farm, another cute small farm shop that offers vegetables, pick your own berries a nice nursery for plants and flowers, the pumpkin throw autumn event and fabulous Christmas trees. Both of these wonderful farms have been family owned and run for generations. The people that run them have been an unending resource as I teach myself to farm.

Another great place is Berlin Farms, they have a large gift shop with all sorts of wonderful country wares for the home and more, they offer a nice section on Christmas ornaments. I also hear tell of amazing ice cream being offered in the summer months. I can’t say if the rumor is true or not, about the ice cream. I am too lactose intolerant to try it myself, which sometimes makes me cry. I love ice cream. All the sources I consider credible all say it is delicious past sinful.

Berlin Orchard, for all things apple, including apple picking in the autumn!

Other places of note in town: Lowe’s Berlin General Store, offers fabulous sandwiches and really nice coffee. They also keep a jar on the counter for donations for fishing events for the children of Berlin, which is a great program to donate a couple quarters to. The Flat Penny a mile down the road offers good eats and weekly trivia night as well as a small bar. The Silver Buffalo Gallery is really fun to visit offering all sorts of native crafts and art that is just amazing to see. Berlin Country Club is wonderful for golf, and there are several local farms that offer horse back riding.

19 Carter Street, is an old church the town Historical Society has been fixing up. It is partially done and it serves as a very nice community center. There’s a kitchen with coffee and some munchies, and wifi. It is the hang out hub of the local community. You always get a warm greeting when you stop in for a visit. Something is always going on, occasional classes, occasional tech support courtesy of a local 9 year old, A knitting group, regular coffee and tea meetings and more. it has become an important fixture in the lives of all of us who make this little town our home.

Go antiquing at Counting Sheep Antiques and some of the other local antique shops in the area.

Or go check out the church at the very center of town, it is hundreds of years old.

This is a welcoming small community.
Things to Do Close By

The Surrounding Area

This whole area tends to be very pretty. Drive up through Historical Harvard and Bolton, or drive around Sterling. These are all pretty neighborhoods. This is Central MA, set in the heart of The Bay State, between the ocean and the mountains.

Davis Farmland in Sterling is supposed to be great fun. Good for families and worth the short drive.

Clinton, a small near by city, offers us The Russian Icon Museum, which is really very nice and worth a visit.

In Historical Harvard, there is the wonderful museum Fruit Lands, which is all about the community the writer of Little Women, Louisa May Alcott, lived in as a child. It was created around a very interesting philosophy by her father. Unfortunately living in accordance with that philosophy made life beautiful, but hard. And ultimately Fruit Lands failed and everyone relocated to Concord. This is a wonderful place to visit there is much to see and learn.

Nashoba Vinery in Bolton offers vine tasting and some other interesting things.

Worcester, has quite a bit to offer as far as activites go.

Shop for antiques all over the area or drive around enjoying the amazing foliage we get in this region every autumn.

There are all sorts of nice places to hike, and mountain bike in the area. Wachusett in Princeton, another pretty town, offers skiing, less than a half hour drive.

These are just a few things to help get you started in the area.
There is much much more.
See What Else the Bay State has to Offer

Boston and Day Tripping

Take a day trip into the heart of historic Boston or along the Freedom Trail. Go visit the ocean, there is no way to go wrong in Massachusetts. We may be a small state, but we have the best there is, and all of the nation’s oldest history lives here in our back yard. Canoe the Charles…. Or visit Old North Church. Wander the area affected by the Molasses Flood in 1915. Legend tells, you can still smell the molasses on the hottest days of summer.

Drive about 35 minutes to see The Freedom Trail and historical Concord, visit the Minute Man statue in Lexington. Drop by Longfellow’s Way Side Inn in Sudbury, or go all the way into Cambridge about 45 minutes away to see Harvard and Harvard Square and all the other interesting museums, history, and culture that Cambridge has to offer. Or go 45ish minutes into Boston, check out The Gardener Museum, Museum of Science, The Aquarium, Boston Gardens and The Duck Tour, and so very much more.

Drive an hour on a day trip to the ocean, Newburyport and Plum Island in The North End, they are fantastic. Go whale watching!

45 minutes to Sturbridge Village, under an hour to American Stonehenge, or in just scraping over an hour visit the witches in Olde Salem Village.

Everywhere is very easy to get to because
we are right by main roads 62, 117, and 495.
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