Welcome to Wildflower Farm

The Romance and Enchantment of a Peaceful Place Time Forgot.


Our goals

To live and farm in harmony with nature, and her seasons.     

       To appreciate the nature around us, and what it provides and offers.


To eat as much healthy, natural food, produced here at Wildflower, as possible.


To live and farm toxin free.


To utilize permaculture principals to enrich and feed the land as we take from it that which nourishes us.


to never stop working towards acquiring new skills to build a better homestead life.

To live an inspired, artful life, and appreciate art of all kinds.

to make continuing education a cornerstone of the way we live.


To utilize natural medicines when ever sensible to do so.

To be generous and compassionate to those in need by working with organizations that do good works and through supporting causes that benefit the things we feel are important.


To march to the beat of our own drum rather than jumping on the band wagon of those shouting the loudest.

To bring back the great stuff from the good old days whenever possible, without sacrificing our modern values of tolerance, acceptance, and love for all people.

To do better with our goals tomorrow than we did today.