Maple Chip Ice Cream

Maple Chip Ice Cream

The early august heat has become unbearable, and the air is so humid it is actually suffocating…. But in the ultra hot almost unbreathable air that burns as it enters your nose, the fragrance of fresh herbs and wildflowers hang and linger. So at least the heat smells beautiful.This is still my ultra busy time of year. I am beginning to exhaust. And without the B&B operating due to Covid, I find I must find some alternative method to earn supplementary income. So I am studying towards that starting two days from today. So what time I have had (none,) has been eaten up by preparing for that…

I spend my days in heat so severe lately all day outside in the gardens doing heavy work, that I finally had my first ever full blown asthma attack some days back. That was positively wretched. But I am ok again….

For my 40th birthday…. Yeh, that was actual worse than my asthma attack. I know right?! My 4oth too, and during Covid no less. Not even my mother came. No one did. It was terrible and lonely and the worst birthday on record. One thing however was good. I got myself an ice cream maker.

But before I get into my new favorite flavor….. It’s time for the part of this that is a Covid journal. I can’t wait to stop writing about this as much as you can’t wait to stop hearing about it. It just gets worse. The death count keeps rising. We still have no national plan. With open state borders we need one. Otherwise we need to start closing state borders so this thing can stop spreading from hot spots to places that are still fairly calm. But the orange dumb ass pretending to know what he is doing in the white house…. In all actuality has not a clue. No plan is coming. 150 thousand are dead nation wide…. And people even here in the so called most educated state in the nation can’t figure out masks sufficiently as the death rate and infection rate is starting to shoot way up again. Mr. Baker, is threatening to do what he NEVER EVER EVER will in fact do. Which is shut everything down again. So why he threatens it escapes me. He isn’t frightening anyone into being more responsible. So he needs to just do it already or just shut the you know what up. But he won’t. I wonder if I can vote by mail to replace him with a poodle in november or if he isn’t yet up for re-election… I am convinced a poodle would have been wise enough to have made sure at least 1 state body was taking no mask complaints about businesses operating in the states PRIOR to reopening back on labor day. But no. Dumber than a poodle Baker, couldn’t even get that right. Leave it to a republican they said….. This one is a moderate they said. People are dying and he is putting businesses right to profit above his constituent’s rights to oh, life and liberty and pursuit of happiness. Soooo I hate being political in this blog…. But given the state of affairs, it is quite difficult to avoid going there.

Other things going on? roughly 30% of Boston, conservatively 200 THOUSAND people in Boston alone are about to lose their apartments because the morons in Washington are hell bent on being idiotic. Boston, is one of the 5 most affluent cities in the country. What will this lapse in protection for renters mean for less affluent communities? I don’t want to imagine. So no job means no more healthcare. No more healthcare, means paying a million dollars for covid treatment out of pocket if you get it. No work means no ability to pay that. No ability to even pay rent and no more protection from eviction and no monthly $600…. And well…. I just feel sick for all those hundreds of thousands losing everything. Here, I am rather insulated. I own my home and my mortgage is essentially done. My husband still works from home. For how long? Hopefully indefinitely…. But in this climate…….. Who really knows? The world is collapsing around me while a bunch of sociopathic nut bags totally out of touch with the reality of real life, drive the bus with a nation of captive commuters over a cliff. That is where we are. Being someone chronically working my farm in one way or another….. I just don’t understand this. I look out my window at the fence of the goat pen. A problem spot for us. I see every creative fix I have made, once using a lunge line, another time a horse lead. another time a dog leash…. Once I closed a gaping hole using an ancient decaying no longer in use chicken coop. Problems require creative solutions. Governing and farming are not really so different. Humans are the cattle for governments, while cattle or goats or chickens or whatever, are the cattle for farmers. But the problems are not really so different. It’s time for governors, and federal politicians to roll up their sleaves and fix the dang fence already and they need to get creative. The human livestock can’t handle another hit right now. And I am assured by a literal rocket scientist, (Dr. Farmer Moomin, a PhD holder in the field of physics courtesy of Helsinki Uni,) that governing is not in fact rocket science and neither is farming. To which myself and likely, Frau Angela Merkel, both said, “DUH.” But here we are never the less…. Wondering what more 2020 can throw at us.

Again, I find myself marveling at the Mayans, who predicted the end of the world within a margin of error of 8. We date the mayans using a dating method with a margin of at least 50 years on either side of the exact date it measures. We like to think that these cultures of mezo america were compared to ourselves less advanced…. Maybe not….. I mean…. Margin of 8 margin of at least 100 total…. They all died of a salmonella pandemic….. We are dying of a covid pandemic… Seems all these thousands of years have really not advanced humanity at all. Which is depressing…. And even I am starting to feel some of the covid depression of being cooped up for too long.

Now that that is out of the way let me move on. (I hear you all singing for joy.)

It has been crazy hot lately. Unbearable. And with no bodies of water nearby and no pool or swimming hole on the farm, I vomit at least twice a week from the extreme climate conditions that are the result of global warming which is the reason we settled on a homestead to try to live more environmentally and naturally. The only saving grace we have had lately, is the ice cream maker I got myself for my horrid excuse for a 40th birthday. Oh well…. At least there was a cake.

The other day, I made maple chip ice cream. Maple flavored ice cream with chocolate chips mixed in.

1 1/4 cups whole milk
1 cup maple sugar
Pinch of salt
3 cups heavy whipping cream
1 table spoon vanilla extract
2 table spoons maple syrup
1 cup chocolate chips (more optional)

We whisked together the milk and cream, then set it over night in the fridge, got it out, mixed in the vanilla, sugar, and syrup. Popped it in the ice cream maker set it to the icecream setting after plugging it in. Ten minutes later, we added our chocolate chips and allowed it to mix to completion. Once mixed, we very quickly scooped it out of the machine, into a container, and put it in the freezer for a while…. Then………. Then…….. Sweet New England style deliverance from the heat was ours…. At least for a little while.

Thank you for reading.
I hope you are well through this crazy time.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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