Waiting For Dandelions.

The first Dandelion!

Quarantine continues here in Boston. Each day, the air gets cleaner. We have had weird weather freak snow storms…. At one point we lost power due to weather. But today, though a bit cold, is beautiful. The sun is shining and the cerulean sky seems to be laughing. As if the light breeze had told a joke to the trees overheard by the expanse of the sky causing it to giggle just a little.

Soon little purple violet flowers will appear.

It isn’t just the sky that has the giggles. The earth herself is laughing at the same joke. Her laughter looks like dandelions, and little patches of violets, both of which can be collected to produce a beautiful jam in the  new water bath canner. I find myself mildly infected by the giggles also…. Due to the way the sun hits me when I walk outside. It feels so good after the long icky rainy winter we have had.

Blooming Fruit Trees.

The earth is waking up… The fruit trees are starting to bloom which means fruit later in the year which is a relief, given how hard some stuff has become to get in this crisis. I have no doubt even more will be impacted long before this is over. So I am thrilled to be greeted by so many flowers, or giggles from the earth. I am grateful to her for showing up for us even in one of the worst crises we have ever faced. She is still here stepping up to feed and support us even as we destroy her. We aught to be ashamed. And when this is over, we must take action together to fix this for her.


The jonquils in my yard pay homage to the sun just as I do. Somehow seeing them makes me smile. I know off my property and all around there is death and horror. Strange men with guns are terrorizing the masses in places like Michigan, demanding to open everything up again… Let me be clear…. If you are weilding a gun by the standards of Wildflower you aren’t a protester. You are just a violent goon being a violent terrorist. I am not afraid to call terrorism terrorism and I don’t feel that being white exempts you from that classificiation. If you are out there witha gun rather than a sign you are a terrorist. But here, I am unaffected. Here, I have peace and flowers. Here I offer jonquils to she who hears the earth’s cries, (Kwan Yin,) as she stands at the center of my yard and at the center of my heart and who I want to be during all of this.

Kuan Yin, listening to the cries of all…

I suppose even I am falling back on faith just a little during this crisis. I do it, because I have hope. I refuse to let go of hope. In that respect I am a bit like Pandora with her box…. We need to round up the ugly we have unleashed and set it back in that box or we are going to see more times like these shortly. Climate scientists have been predicting it for years.

But today, I will try to focus on what is beautiful and on making it grow.
Thank you for reading
Amanda of Wildflower Farm


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