The Reason My Great Dane Is Pouting

Pouting Great Dane, Pikku.

Not long ago, I came across a website 100 Ridiculous Reasons Why Kids Cry. It was hilarious to see the reasons some young toddlers were crying and throwing tantrums. Stuff like not being able to marry their dads, discovering their mom had a name other than mom, Meeting one of our past presidents, and more. Which isn’t to say that toddlers never have a legitimate and even good reason. But some of the reasons were just so absolutely ridiculous I just laughed a lot.

We have a very large dog named Pikku, she is the baby of the family. Anyone who knows great danes, which is her breed, knows they are gentle giants, highly emotional, velcro dogs, that pout at least as often as teenage girls going through puberty. I thought it would be fun here to share the ridiculous reasons my dog is pouting. I suspect every great dane lover will be amused and perhaps it inspires others to share the ridiculous reasons their dogs pout.

In this photo, Pikku, is pouting because I took the tv remote from her and told her she couldn’t eat it. She clearly feels like the world isn’t fair if she can’t fill herself with plastic and double A batteries. Especially since it is the brand new remote we got….. Right you guessed it. After she ate the last one.

The reason my Great Dane is pouting is because I won’t let her eat another tv remote control.

I wish I had more time to write about this today, but I don’t. I just couldn’t let it go by though without sharing it. I plan to make this a semi regular blog segment by periodically sharing why my dog is pouting when she pouts for a ridiculous reason. Cuz it’s funny. And now I gotta go bake some bread because that is what homesteaders do. We bake copious amounts of bread that we also don’t share with our pouty great danes.

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