Social Distancing Quarantine!

Sorry no pictures for this one…. There is a lot I want to say…. But most of it I will keep to myself, because it won’t be helpful or applicable till later. For the time being I prefer to focus on where we find ourselves now.
We have a deadly virus sweeping the planet. This is bigger than we realize and it is gonna get really bad quite likely, before it gets better. That being said, the plague, small pocks, polio….. These may not bee Covid 19, but they are examples of other things that have run rampant destroyed lives and taken lives… So don’t lose hope and don’t panic. And for the love of God, PUT THAT ROLL OF  TOILET PAPER DOWN! You have enough.

One thing I have to take a moment to note, is the fact that the image of toilet paper is everywhere. It seems to be a symbol of society that unifies the whole world…. It made me think about the last time such a symbol that unified an entire continent of culture. Venus figurines, found along the Danube, are the only symbol as unifying in human history as today’s toilet paper. No one alive knows what those figurines meant to the people that  made them thousands of years ago during the second wave of Homo Sapien, into Europe. But they are as prevalent as current toilet paper memes…. I  have heard them called prehistoric barbie dolls, ancient porn in 3d miniature form cuz the printing press hadn’t been invented…. Religious symbolism, the symbol of a mother goddess…. The list of what they could have meant to early man in the region goes on forever. And we will never know unless Bill and Ted, bring us another  magical telephone booth so we can go back to ask. But without that, we will never know… I don’t know why this comparison  has come to mind… It simply has. What does it say about us that the thing that most unifies us is literally the thing we wipe poo with? Just something to think about and consider….

Dr. Farmer Moomin is home from work. He works all day in the living room… We watch the gloom and doom as Covid carries off another ancient person that likely would have died in a week anyway…. And we all panic and buy ridiculous quantities of the earlier mentioned toilet paper…… I am home…. We are all here on the property. Our goal is never to leave it. Unfortunately we still have no greenhouse out here, and soooo we are constantly having to take the risk. It’s ok. I have lived long enough. The idea of dying actually sounds kind of peaceful, compared to the current situation…. All the same, I prefer living another 100 years. Though the peace is attractive while the TV drones on about how it’s doom’s day…

So time for some homestead wisdom. This disease is one of MANY that are going to devestate our lives like this, if we don’t change the way we live in some pretty extreme ways. Candidates talking about how no one’s life will change if they get elected are liars. Life will change because it MUST if life is to continue for much longer on this planet. As the ice melts, all kinds of junk from long ago that we have no antibodies for, bleeds into the water. The sun and the ever growing warmer heat, then causes water to become a gas. In gas form, it  rises and mingles with the air we breathe in…. And…. Well… You do the math. We lost upwards of 20% more of that ice this year alone than we expected, and Covid 19 rears it’s ugly head. I am not saying that is specifically and exactly how we got Covid 19. But I am saying, Covid 19, is a symptom of a much larger issue. Climate change. If life doesn’t change, neither does the climate. If the climate continues on as it is, it won’t be long now before we all die suffering horrifically as a result or by product of climate change. It is imperative to change our system, and fix our priorities, so that we can make sure our children never have to quarantine like this. We have to change because if our economy crashes every time this happens, it will get more and more prevalent… I love both democratic candidates. I also  love my fellow americans and I want to be sure that there is hope for the future. Which is why I am voting against this life won’t change at all candidate. We may not have another 4 years. We MUST do this now or we risk the death of all life on earth. I say this from living close to nature. I watch it. It’s horrible. Every day the earth dies a little more. We need to fix this now. We need to change how we are living. Homesteading as a lifestyle, is about several things. One of them is independence from society. It is however even more importantly about working in tandem and as a partner to the earth.

THERE IS NO TREATMENT, NO CURE, and NO VACCINE at the present moment for Covid 19. However, I’m a homesteader. There are things we CAN do to impact the symptoms. I encourage everyone, talk to your doctor before you take anything unfamiliar to yourself.

Sore throats: slippery elm, Licquorice root.
Lungs: Mushrooms
Fever: Fever few,
Cold symptoms: Golden Seal, elder berry, echinacia, and many others.
Kidneys/liver/blood cleansing: Dandelion Burdock root

These may help take the edge off some of the symptoms with proper use. I suggest talking to a professional herbalist and with your doctor. At this time symptoms are all that can be treated. There is no way to even prevent getting Covid 19. The best things you can do, is get tested if you feel unwell, wash your hands constantly, and self quarantine. These are the best ways to stay safe at this time.

Things  you CAN do while in quarantine:
Play a game
Watch a movie
Listen to music
Play with your pets
Argue with your spouse
play video games watch tv
play computer games/chat with friends and family
Read a book
Do some meditation
Eat a lot.
Count your rolls of toilet paper while refering to every one of them as “The Precioussss” (Yep, I am talking to all of you Gollums out there.)
Bake at home
Garden/clean up your yard
Take a walk
Find a way to be comforting to others
Write a novel, or work on one you have already started
Spend some time studying climate change
Make plans for after quarantine is over.
Find some way to reach out and touch other people. We are going through something horrific as a world community. We NEED each other  to lighten the mood.
Make jokes….
Send Trump rolls of toilet paper in the mail in protest…..
There is no end to the fun that can be had.

We get to decide who we are going to be as we  move on from this moment into the next one. We will carry this experience with us… How will it change us as individuals? Who will become more resourceful? Who will perish? Who will grow? Who will break down? And most importantly, how can we help each other through this and who do we want to be? The toilet paper hoarder…. Or the rational voice in  the panic?

Panic, is always a bad idea. I think the Dalai Lama, once said something about how worrying is pointless. If you worry, then it might be for nothing. But if you don’t worry it could go badly…. Anyway, thepoint is worrying doesn’t help or change anything. It means you are passive, reacting to  a situation rather than acting on it. Acting on it  might mean planting a tree or taking a test. Acting on it might be to self quarantine. Reacting, separates you from the rational part of yourself. And at that point, congrats you have screwed yourself and those around you because only acting on things is helpful. So don’t panic. Instead, stay clear and reasonable and do what makes sense. Then, try to come up with a way to make other people smile in their quarantine home prisons.

We may all be prisoners of this pandemic in body…. Oh but the mind knows no boundaries. So stimulate yours, and try to do the same for others.

Good luck
Stay safe
Amanda Of Wildflower Farm

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