One of The Goats Being Silly

Little Stella, being silly.

One thing is guaranteed, when you keep goats.  They are endlessly searching for a way out of their enclosure. Endlessly putting in a concerted effort to even invent one. Here, they have opened up a hole in the fence that they can stick their heads out of to yell at me if ever I am a few minutes late at feeding time. Sometimes it happens. I am imperfect and human. But of course they are always fed. Not that they are actually even hungry given we only keep a small number in an area that could easily keep more than twice that number fed even with out additional feeding. They are in fact so fat, the vet told me to stop feeding them. I simply can not do that though. I did however cut way down on the quantity in an effort to follow the vet’s advice. So here is little Stella, sticking her head out to tell me off for being late and stingy.

To be perfectly clear, the vet told me after looking at their situation that they get all they need from what is naturally there this time of year. She recommended that feeding is only really required during the winter months. We believe strongly in listening to and following all vet recommendations. Farming is a sacred trust.  One between people and the living things we keep. If they still have plenty in the bowl then maybe let them eat that first. But if it’s empty you fill it. You make sure they have food and fresh clean water. Except perhaps in the goose pool. No matter how hard I try to keep that thing clean he filths it up. Still, I replace the water in it just about every day though you wouldn’t tell from looking at it after it has been in use by the goose for 5 minutes.

I just thought this was very cute and silly and thought maybe it would be a fun thing to share. So there it is.  Otherwise, aside from getting chewed out by the goat, the day is hot but beautiful, a bit humid, and the air smells like the forest. It is one of those days I would spend by the pool if I had one.  But since I don’t I guess it is just as well to spend it getting chewed out by one of the goats. Yes, she can get her head back into her enclosure. She isn’t being injured in any way by the fence. I checked.

There are few things as amusing to a city girl like me, as getting chewed out by a goat early in the afternoon. The shenanigans, goats pull are constant and always adorable and pretty funny. They are an unending source of amusement. Every time they do something cute and naughty I am reminded again how much I love being out here living on my terms, working to be as self sufficient as I am able to be without dropping from exhaustion. Even when things are not going well…. Better that they go badly out here than back in the land of convenience, throngs of people, parking lots, tall buildings, and traffic with it’s noise and pollution. I am never sorry I came out here 7 years ago to teach myself a new way to live due to the pesky food issue that sent me to the hospital and forced me to think about eating a more organic and natural way, and due to how much cleaner the air is, how this place and it’s cleanness has inspired me to learn to be more clean and to work with the systems of nature rather than against them. I am never sorry I left it all behind to live my life out here, through the use of my hands as well as my wits. There is a science to it all that must be learned and that can be studied for a life time and still not known in full. I love the challenge of trying to do it all myself. And I love adorable moments like this one that make me laugh till my sides hurt.

Thank you for reading
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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