Nakke Nakuttaja’s House

Haus of Nakke

Today, the sky is blue with puffy clouds. But it was only a couple days ago now, that I looked up to see the winter grey of unfallen snow, up above in the sky. I am a New Englander, we are like the Irish. Perhaps all coastal and or island people are like the Irish, at least in so far as it pertains to the importance of the sky. There isn’t a self respecting New Englander, alive who can’t read a sky. Of that I am convinced.

Thus far, we have had no snow, but the temperatures are starting to drop, and there are times when you look up and you can see the unfallen snow in the grey cloud cover up above your head…. It hangs up there like a weight in the clouds and you know it is only a matter of time before the clouds rip and the snow falls in flurries, causing a sheet of white and sometimes all manner of difficulty. There are times now, when I can feel winter coming in my bones.

We have prepared though so I am not worried. We have stacked our wood, done some emergency canning for the winter, we have even lit the wood stoves already, keeping the house comfortable and warm matters as the outside temperature dips. The hot spiced cider has come out and become a staple here again on the colder days we have had thus far. The birds, at least most of them, have fled to warmer climates.

Which brings me to our all too regular visitor, Nakke Nakuttaja, or for those who speak no Finnish, Woody Woodpecker. A downy wood pecker that has been visiting our house regularly. He has been doing his best to destroy the wood on the outside of the house. He visits often and goes to town. We hear him outside, banging away. Every time we try to take his picture, somehow he escapes before we can aim and hit the camera button on our phone. We like our little visitor Nakke, we don’t like what he is doing to our house.

We have erected a house for him out behind our place right on the cusp of the woods, and we have hung suet. It is best evidently not to put the house in hardwood trees, it should go no lower than 10 feet and as high as 20 feet for optimum appeal to the downy woodpecker community. The same is true of the suet as well, it should be hung near to the tree trunk to appeal to woodpeckers as that is where they eat. It is still unknown, weather he will continue to abuse the house…. We hope by paying off the Nakuttaja mafia, we will be able to protect our house from this feathered “hit man,” banging away at our home’s exterior. So that is why we have given him a lovely piece of real estate of his own, as well as a gift of suet. I am not sure what else we can do to prevent him from abusing our house. So if anyone has any other suggestions that do not harm Nakke, we would be interested in hearing them. We prefer not to harm Nakke, because we are the trespassers here living close to nature as we do. Our home is in his area. We merely seek a peaceful coexistence with neither us, or him being troublesome to either one of us. That is homesteading. looking for ways to coexist, and to work with and within nature when possible to have a comfortable life and to meet as many of our needs as possible.

Thank you for reading
Amand of Wildflower Farm

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