Look who came to wish me a happy birthday!

A deer in the yard

The weather is still off stinking… I can’t believe it. I have never seen a July this ugly. The humidity is absolutely suffocating…. It is sort of raining… I have been busy studying herbalism, reading In The Woods, by Tana French, for book club, hanging with my doggies, doing the usual homesteading junk. Frusterated over the state of the garden due to the weather conditions… And today is my birthday. The weather and the sunshine may not have shown up as it usually does. But just look at who did make an appearance this morning. Dr. Farmer Moomin, took these when he went out with the dogs who were none too happy to have to go out to pee in the rain.

A visitor

He is a big one…. Look at those horns! WOW… Such a beautiful animal… Perhaps an emissary from the Queen of the fairies, the Lady Of The Forest, a birthday wish for me from deep in the natural recesses… Where miraculous horned creatures still roam about freely… What a beautiful gift to have The Fairy Queen, send one out to wish me happy birthday. Who needs the sunshine when you see this majestic creature in the back yard? Nature may be under attack from all sides. But like me, it still lives. But for how long? If you want to help the nature I depends on to live the way I do… Please donate for my birthday.








Adopt a whale or dolphin

Thank you for reading and celebrating my birthday by donating to somewhere that will help preserve the deep dark wild place. Few still remain. But the more we put back, the more we will have for generations to come. This way of life that I live, can continue… It is dependent upon the health of the planet. So for my birthday, donate to planet earth’s go fund me cancer treatment.

Thank you for reading
Thank you for helping preserve the way I live and the nature my way of life is so dependent on.
Amanda Of Wildflower Farm

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