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Face Toner

First, I would like to apologize again for abandoning my poor abused blog. I do try to keep it. But life gets in the way… This time it was my phone refusing to take pictures that shut it down. So now that that is sorted again, I hope to be here a bit more often though my time is very busy as I am presently studying and earning a certificate in herbalism through Cornell University.It has been hot. The gardens are suffering even the bees in their hive seem crankier due to the heat. It is becoming more concerning every year the heat. I remember when I was a child, I used to be jealous of Californian children in movies who didn’t have to wear winter coats over their costumes when they went trick or treating. As jealous as I was, I am not happy that that will be perfectly comfortable for any children I might raise in this lifetime. My berries are ripening too early. My vegies are ripening  and fruiting at the same time. It quadruples my work to try to gather it all and preserve it all…. My berries are more than 2 weeks early this year. It is very troubling… The way and and how quickly the climate seems to be changing all of a sudden.

We have decided to open the B&B back up at half capacity. Later this week, we will put the updated page that shows and offers the room for rent back up. Updated due to new Covid policies. Policies we hope we can eliminate sooner rather than later, but policies that are in everyone’s best interests and that protect us as well as us. Normal, will return in phases. Here the current policies are the phase we are in here at the homestead. We are very cautious so we might not work for everyone for while. But we hope eventually we can operate as we once did open to everyone all the time.

On top of my work which has been interrupted by days of rain, and will be interrupted starting tomorrow for a week long festival of the Finnish god Ukko who seems to have stolen Thor’s hammer…  For even more storms…. This is not good, as much as I love and respect the Finnish ancient gods. After the last few days that were also a festival to Ukko, I am a bit sick of him. Inside has been my domain due to the weather. I have been busy with my herbal studies, as well as maintaining my self care needs.

The jar in the photo, is face toner largely made from witch hazel. It also contains some Aloe, and lavender, a little Moringa to fight aging, and a number of other super star odds and ends. I am very proud of it and can’t wait to start using the little reusable towlets  that I leave soaking in my homemade toner.

Other interesting things, because we are running at half capacity and may be for some time still we are talking about setting up a shop where you can purchase some of the odds and ends produced right here on the homestead. Nourishing, natural, homemade, handmade… We just aren’t quite there yet but we should get to it soon.

It was a wonderful experience to open up for our first guests in I don’t know how long… Over a year over the weekend. We look forward to more guests in the future.
Thank you for reading
And again I apologize for being a miserable excuse for a blogger.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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