Christmas In Little Berlin

Christmas In Berlin

We settled in a small farming town about a  year after moving back to the US. First we lived in an apartment in Arlington, but this was the life we wanted. So when Dr. Farmer Moomin, got a job, we moved…. We left the big city, and moved  to the town that marks not just the  center point of MA, but to the town at the center point of all of NE. Little Berlin, is a town of about 2000-3000 people, so about 700 families. It is a small place. But the people are warm and welcoming. And you can’t hope for more helpful neighbors than other farmers. Specifically the ones who unlike us have been farming for generations…. We thrive here on the advice of our local community.

Mr.Wheeler giving hay rides with his tractor in the town center for Christmas In Berlin.

This little town, is the historic heart of NE, it reminds me a bit of a more  rural version of Star’s Hollow, the town from the Gilmore Girls, tv show. Lot’s of interesting and kind old school  farming types…. Our  town meetings can slay sometimes they are that funny…. And most years there is a tree lighting, the historical society does some stuff, usually a display of some sort on a historic aspect of Christmas, or Winter. They set up in the old town hall. The local church does contests for kids specifically gingerbread houses.

Gingerbread House

Berlin MA Historical Society Christmas Display.

Little Berlin, may be just off the beaten path, but not far. A one  horse town, it is small with a general store, a church in the center, and the old 1870s town hall. Nearby is a community center…. And that is basically town. The bell still tolls when someone dies…. Much of our police and fire departments are volunteer. And inside the old 1870s town hall you will find the old manicles from the old lock up, and pictures of the men who  went to fight the Civil War.

Berlin, is a lovely one horse New England Town.

Civil War Wall. If they came back they came back changed.

For all it’s history, and smallness, this place is just… Special and we are working on making it feel like home, especially during the holiday.

Thank you for checking out Christmas in Berlin
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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