Apple Scrap Vinegar

Apple Scrap Vinegar Getting Made.

I promised I would get this up as soon as I could because I already put the cart before the horse in my last post. Where I shared my recipe for laundry detergent and dish soap. This is  very easy….. You won’t need any pots or pans…. Just a quart ball jar. Fill it up half way with scraps of apple. I like to throw in peels, and cores, and left overs….. etc…. Sometimes I even pick some specifically for this purpose. Often, I do this while I am prepping canned apple slices, pie filling, or even left overs from prepping them for dehydrating….. There is no wrong. Once the jar is half full of apples throw in 1 cup of sugar, then fill the jar with water. Mix the sugar into the water. Cover jar with a cheese cloth held in place with a rubber band. Put somewhere dark and room temperature. Take it out 3 or 4 days a week for a quick mix. Allow to sit for 2 weeks. At the 2 week mark, it is time to strain it into a smaller jar. Strain out the apple, put in the kitchen compost heading for the chickens, so no waste. Jars are glass not plastic. They are reusable, and create less plastic for the sea life to be eating. Give it a mix after straining cover again with rubber band to sit another 2 weeks in the same spot. Then you get apple scrap vinegar.

On a homestead farm, I use this stuff in so many many ways. There is just never enough…. I put it in the water for the geese, their pet duck, and the chickens to keep the worms away, along with some oregano. I use it in cleaning products to keep things clean…. You name it this stuff likely is applicable in some capacity….

It has been another long day and I am tired.
So I hope I can be forgiven for not getting into the poetics of nature this once?
After all… There is always something that needs my attention
and I am only human….
Have a lovely night
And thank you for reading.
Amanda Of Wildflower Farm

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