A Recently Finished Project

Handmade by yours truly.

Homesteading housewives tend to wear many hats. I am not unusual in this way. We tend to be a rather creative group with traditional leanings on some levels, while by the nature of what we do, are way ahead of our time. Woman farmers are due to sex considered disabled by the federal government because we are not men. Less than 15% of farms are run by women under the age of 45. I am 39. I am a woman. I run a farm. Of course I am also militant in my feminism, supporting of those of all colors and cultures, and of people of all genders and preferences…. But for me, I like my traditional little farm wife life in a small town. And I like my many hats. One of those hats being, the hat of the creative. I am constantly making something. On a farm, need truly is the mother of invention. On a farm, there is no shortage of need. Need to eat, need to sleep, need to feed, need to milk, need to plant before the weather changes, need to take a break need a vacation….. On a farm there is an endless amount of need. So there is an endless amount of creativity, an endless amount of craftiness.

Mittens, the product of one of our many New England needs, to stay warm.

I found a pattern for these in a book, then went to my favorite yarn shop in Harvard MA, The Fiber Loft. I bought some nice yarn….. and these are the result. I also do a lot with fragrance and bath and body products, and even home cleaning products…. It is impossible to live as we do, without the creative. It’s how problems are solved and emergencies handled. Both of which are in large supply down home on the homestead farm.

I wanted to share, because I guess I am proud of these. They weren’t particularly challenging or even overly time  consuming…. But they are pretty, warm , natural, and it was fun. Now, these will serve a purpose. My hands will be warm this winter and a need has been met by me for me. One day I dream of alpacas for my  own wool and I already have my own wheel and produce some of my own yarn…… But for now, this is step one. Dreams….. Are things you work towards.

Thank you for your time.
It has been interesting to share with you one of the lessons this newer way of  life has already taught me.
Again, many thanks.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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