Wildflower In The Winter Mist

Wildflower In The Mist

Outside the damp is biting in the cool air. It smells of forest and mist today, dead leaves, and cold. The New England Fog, has pulled itself over the farm hanging like a large white translucent veil that obscures the view of the farm, of the neighbors. The view into the woods only goes so far before the trees become hidden. Making it almost feel like inside by the fire we are somehow the only people in a white universe hanging inside a glass where the mist can’t touch us. In here it is warm and clear to our vision. Out there… It is just a sea of white.

Where does our gravel road lead?

Pikku, looks down the road with me searching for what lies at the end of our little gravel road…. But all there seems to be is more fog. You can hear the town road before you can see it today, depending where you stand in the yard. In some spots, the woods across the road looks like a shadow hidden behind the slightly translucent veil of fog.

the forest fog

The fog hangs in the forest, around the trees as if it is an old friend of all the skeletal stuctures, leaflessly reaching for the white sky.

Another shot of the woods.

New England, has powerful mist this time of year before the snow really starts falling.

Another look down our gravel road.

There is a light breeze, that at some moments clears the mist a little and in other moments it blows it in even thicker.

The mist in this little region of MA is a force of nature. Something that truly needs to be experienced to fully understand the quiet it brings.

Thank you for reading
Amanda of Wildflower Farm