Lavender Lemongrass Epsom Bath Salt, Vial


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Here at Wildflower, this beautiful bath soak is a standard part of our self care kit. We leave it in our available guest spaces for our guests to enjoy and take home with them, free of charge to express our gratitude for their patronage. The base is high quality epsom salt. Beautiful skin safe and skin improving oils are then mixed in followed by a gorgeous fragrance mix mainly of lemongrass and of lavender. We cream these fragrances together with a small hint of vanilla fragrance that we also add into our mix.


Lavender, is a floral, woodsy, sweet, delicate, slightly smokey fragrance that mixes truly beautifully with lemongrass which offers an undertone of citrussy, earth and grass inspired scent that is then mellowed just enough by the very trace bottom note of exotic vanilla, which offers a warm creamy comforting touch. Both lavender and lemongrass are super relaxing and with the comforting vanilla, this fragrance mix is super soothing and tough to beat.


Directions: Remove cork cap, pour the amount of 1 to 2 tablespoons into the bath then add hot water. Enjoy a long soak in the beautiful fragrant hot water. Best used at the end of a long day for relaxation.

Safety information: Use ONLY in the bath. Epsom salts are not table salt. These bath salts should not be consumed. Epsom bath salt is not edible. keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not use while pregnant or nursing. Do not use if you are allergic to cannabis due to contained hemp oil or if you have a nut allergy or are allergic to vanilla, lemongrass, or lavender.


Friends and guests keep asking me to sell my homemade self care products. So we are offering our first product. I am always making something to fill our needs of various kinds out here, on our little New England homestead farm. I thought, It is easy enough to make a bit more to offer through the B&B, perhaps making still a little bit more extra, could be put to use by our blog followers, past guests who liked their experience here, and our friends constantly asking why I don’t sell my handmade signature farm products. Well, now they are available for sale due to popular demand and request.

Wildflower Farm, is a small B&B, AirBnB, and a functioning homestead farm. Everything I sell in this shop is created right here on our farm. What I sell here, helps us pay for things like animal feed for our goats and chickens. It will help us fund projects like the greenhouse we will be putting in when the spring arrives. There are always projects around here, from gardens to animal feeding, to hopefully eventually a swimming body of water, and eventually a small horse barn and more. There are also many projects that solely support those of us living here such as canning projects, dehydrating and other long term food storage solutions that are constantly on going. Mason jars do not grow in my garden. So they must be purchased. We strive to be as self sufficient as possible. Your support waters our garden of dreams.


As a semi self sufficient homestead farm… Again, projects are a constant and chronically on going. If you have a deadline for when you need your item to arrive, you might wish to keep shopping. We do our best to get things out regularly and quickly, but I am a farmer running a self sufficiency homestead farm and a B&B, with very limited back up. So things can happen in their own time. I suggest getting in touch at the 6 week mark if your item has not arrived. We truly do make a strong concerted effort to get things out in a timely fashion. Spring can be slower than most of the rest of the year, but any time can be a bit slow depending what goes on here at the farm and what needs my attention. Your product will always come your way sooner or later. Usually sooner.


Thank you for supporting my small business and my big dream.
Your support truly means everything to me.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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