Our Shop

Welcome to the Wildflower Farm homestead shop, where we sell some of our excess. A few things to consider when buying from us. We are not Etsy artisans who work on a very strict shipping schedule. Your order will go out as quickly as possible next time I produce the item you ordered. Your purchases help support our homesteading adventure and dream. We are homesteaders first, our farm and livestock's needs come before all else. The rest we do as we have time, including production for the shop. I hope based on a foundation of honesty, that you will consider helping to give our homestead dream some wind so it can fly.

Vintage Typewriter

A hit spy novel or a love letter? Anything you type using this vintage typewriter from the 20s is bound to make a mark.

Leather-Clad Leisure Chair

Sit back and relax in this comfy designer chair. High-grain leather and steel frame add luxury to your your leisure.

Black and White Summer Portrait

This 24″ x 30″ high-quality print just exudes summer. Hang it on the wall and forget about the world outside.

3-Speed Bike

Zoom through the streets on this premium 3-speed bike. Manufactured and assembled in Germany in the 80s.

Hi-Fi Headphones

Experience your favorite songs in a new way with these premium hi-fi headphones.

Retro Glass Jug (330 ml)

Thick glass and a classic silhouette make this jug a must-have for any retro-inspired kitchen.