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Canned Apple Slices

I feel a sense of pride. Tonight Dr. Farmer  Moomin, and I taught ourselves to can. We explored our new water canner with some bought apples. I am grateful to the farm I shop at for helping me out with bulk. The Wilson Farms in Lexington, has been my favorite place to shop since always. My mother shopped there I grew up shopping there and though it is a 40 minute commute…. It is where I still go for my groceries… They were super kind to help me out this way.

I spent today, chopping apples, collecting violets for jelly, and exploring the yard… I found a massive patch of wild mustard. One of these days I am gonna dehydrate it,  and also use it fresh in salad… Keep some for now save some for later sort of deal.

About to get started with apple prep work.

I also discovered copious quantities of lemon balm growing just behind the house…. And some queen ann’s lace once used as an ancient form of birth control. I found some plantain, and a wild raspberry bush baby vine that is crying out to be transplanted to where it can be useful…

It has been a rather interesting day… I forgot it was tuesday… Forgot quarantine…. Spent most of the day hanging with  the green wild things at the edge of my woods… The air gets more pure every day… I am still following what is going on, but here I am kind of insulated from it. As I learn to live an older way of life, I find society begins to become more extra somehow. Many of my social needs get met listening to the wind making the trees sing…. Or interacting with my evil goose Mr. Darcy…. Or the goats or dogs… And here away from people anyway rather than in a city, again, we are always social distanced…. Just as a matter of space and population size. I feel for those living a modern life….. Can’t imagine….. But the world keeps turning and we turn with it. Today, I am proud of learning a new skill. Canning with a water bath canner. Tomorrow bring on the green beans and the pressure canner!

Canning Apple Slices.

Well, thank you for celebrating  this new skill with me
This has been really fun and interesting
Hope to have a lot more about canning over time
Take it easy all
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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