Winging it with Vanilla Jasmine Herbally Medicated Moisturizing Hand Lotion

Hand Lotion

This stuff smells amazing! Vanilla and Jasmine, strike the most beautiful note in this medicated moisturizing hand lotion that I make by winging it on the homestead. I mix a bit of this and a bit of that, on dreary days like today, in the kitchen to create something that smells good but more importantly truly nourishes and nurtures skin. I don’t look for the cheapest additives and then over charge for them. I look for and am studying through cornell so I can create things that truly help and are highly beneficial and medicinal. Skin is important. I tend to use this stuff on my hands but it can be used just about anywhere though perhaps the face is not the best place for it. There are better things for the skin of the face. Seems I have 1 extra jar of this lovely creation that smells incredible and is full of things like jojoba, shea, moringa, vitamin E, rose, frankincense, aloe, and a few other interesting herbs… I have no idea what to do with my extra jar… It would be sad for it to sit lonely and unused on a shelf… But that may be it’s fate for some time.

Some time ago, I rescued some blue plastic containers from a friend who was going to throw them out. I hate seeing plastic go to waste. Today, they live with me, and I fill them with my self made herbally medicated lotion. Then I leave them by every sink in the house beside my handmade soap in the same fragrance and also herbally medicated, to create a wonderful hand washing experience. My blue containers are getting old though and are beginning to look rather beat up. But I don’t mind. It is better than putting them in a waste dump where they will do none of us any favors. The way I use them they will sill serve a purpose for as long as they are functioning. I take great pride in this fact. Not only am I healing my skin, I am in some small way healing the earth with my choice of packaging for my home. And even for my excess, as I package most everything in glass. Plastic is the rarity.

Refilling my blue plastic containers.

They talk about recycling plastic. People do their best. Companies say they will. But then the reality is very little actually gets broken down and reused. It is a huge racket. Well, here at Wildflower, we prefer our lives quiet and racket free.  So this is how we roll instead. I know… Not interesting. But I tell you about this dearest reader, because you too CAN make this choice. To reuse plastics. To package in glass. To try to be part of the solution. My hope is you will.

Thank you for reading
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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