Wildflower In The Mist

Wildflower Farm House in the mist.

The mist has once again come to visit, it is playing in the forest with the trees. It rolled in with the wet and cold as if it were a team of wild horses dragging the mist with them rather than a cart. The smell of cold wind and wet surround me outside.

A deep freeze is coming. I can feel it in my bones. I taste it in the well water as I drink it during this season… The ground has hardened and the earth is dead beneath the blanketing New England fog. Not a peep comes from the wildflowers, who have vacated making room for the snow, which never came this year, leaving us all deeply troubled when we read it was 65 degrees F in Antarctica… Maybe the earth thinks covering us in fog will make New Englanders complacent while the earth herself dies due to the pollution we have wreaked upon her, choking her gradually to death.

She under estimates us. We are New Englanders. We have yet to see a fight that we wont take on. The fight for our planet is one we can’t afford to lose… Even when staying indoors is preferable.

I farm. So I understand, all food and all life stem first and foremost from our soil. Or our mother earth. With her gone, there will be no one to end the great extinction event we presently find ourselves in. All life is dying.

Mist takes many forms, sometimes the form of sleazy orange on our tv screen rolling back protections for our water, and for our planet Earth. Don’t let it cloud our view of the future, or cheat us right out of a future leaving all of us dead like the wildflowers that make way for winter. Because for us, there is no longer a guarantee that spring will come and we will bounce back.

I survey my little farm fifedom and feel grateful for today and demoralized and deeply troubled by the nightmare that tomorrow will inevitably bring.

We came to this place 6 years ago, to set up a small functional farm, a project we are still slowly working and building at. We came here, because we understood, we must change how we live or we won’t live much longer.

Buried by the mist sitting in my little wooden house, I realize on days like today, this is not just a farm, but if we as a society don’t make changes to how we live one day it will be a coffin. Then I think about our fantastical cities…. And I realize like the Maya, we built them for the still living dead… Covered in New England, by fog rather than by the over grown jungle….

There is still time to save the world. All I can do, is live my best life here on my farm trying to be sustainable and environmental. Thus far, we as a society haven’t begun to fight. We still can. We must… Or we will cease to be, and our great cities and great accomplishments, will be for naught… I am terrified. But like all New Englanders, I cloak my fear in fog and pick up my axe and run screaming like a viking berserker, head first into a way of life I know nothing about to try to fight, for you. For me for all of us. This is just the New England way. We have never seen a mountain we won’t climb. Or an ocean we fear or a ‘stawm’ we worry will level us, (except on Plum Island where it seems every year at least one mansion gets carried off by a raging sea.) We settled this country. We have the power to change it.

Change is critical to survival. Wildflower, now offers 25% off to any person that photographs themselves doing something good for the environment. The world is ending. Money, doesn’t matter now. Survival is everything. And so long as no storm destroys us and we have not frozen in the New England wicked cold winter, we will be here for those that wander doing good for our planet. Out here, we see Mother Earth’s suffering very acutely. The lack of snow…. It is frightening.

Even if you have no intention or desire to ever stay here at Wildflower, do something environmental today, and lets lift the mist of ending that is falling upon our planet as a stage curtain closing. Days like today, I listen to one of my favorite songs, called Fight Song. Here at Wildflower, in our small ways we do what we can to fight for tomorrow.

This isn’t a political issue. It is a farmer’s issue. We are up against it every day.

Here at Wildflower, we recycle prolifically, we live simply, compost, eventually we hope to change over to solar power. Even for our guests, we use environmental sheets made from sustainable high quality material, breakfast is local fair, so again, we cut down on carbon to transport it. We take a number of steps to try to be part of the solution rather than the problem. And we are always open to suggestions and ideas about how to do this even better.

Thank you for reading
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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