Wildflower Farm Christmas Holiday Month Plan And Schedule

Christmas At Wildflower Farm.

November 26th
8 pm Nightmare Before Christmas

November 27th
we will be decorating the tree and the house over the course of the day.
8 pm Scrooged

November 28th
8 pm Christmas in the clouds

November 29th
8 pm Grumpy Old Men

November 30th
8 pm Serendipity

December 1
8 pm Polar Express

December 2
8 pm Elf

December 3
During the day sometime we will make peanut butter bird seed feeders for the birds
8 pm Love Actually

December 4
Baking day (for book club we are doing a cookie exchange, everyone needs to coordinate so we don’t all make the same thing. You are welcome to join me and do your baking here too. )
8 pm Christmas Chronicles

December 5th
8 PM deck the halls
(Noon book club meeting and cookie exchange???)

December 6th
8 pm 8 femmes (french movie) *OR* The Christmas Cottage (in the event 8 femmes is unobtainable.)

December 7th
8 pm National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

December 8th
8 pm Edward Scissor Hands

December 9th
8 pm Fatman

December 10th 8 pm Trading Places

December 11th
8 pm Surviving Christmas
Board games earlier in the day for anyone who wants to come play. And snacks.

December 12th
8 pm The Man Who Invented Christmas

December 13th
8 pm Prancer

December 14th
8 pm Trapped In Paradise

December 15th
8 pm The Ref (this might be my all time favorite christmas movie.)

December 16th
8 pm Family Stone

December 17th
8 pm Rare Exports (A foreign film in Finnish, about an old Finnish Christmas legend related to Santa.)

December 18th
Baking during the day (all are welcome to come bake with me.)
8 pm Home Alone

December 19th
8 pm Silent Night

December 20th
8 pm Miracle on 34th Street

December 21
8 pm Joyeux Noel (French film about christmas during the first world war, in the trenches on the front lines in Europe. Based on a true story.)
Baking day, come bake with me if you want to, during the day.

December 22
8 pm Last Christmas

December 23rd
Noon time Matinee Four Christmasses (No 8 pm movie this is my kid sister’s birthday so we have other evening plans.)

December 24th
Noon airing of Finland’s christmas Peace Declaration.
8 pm A Christmas Carol

December 25th
12:00 pm airing of the short Snowman
8pm The Holiday

December 26th
8 pm It’s a Wonderful Life
6 pm Glogi Fest (Glogi, is a Finnish drink made from berry juice and warm spices for children and usually from wine and warm spices for adults. Served hot and garnished with almonds and raisins. Glogi fest is low key… Usually involves cookies and snacks, my family and anyone else who wants to drop by for some christmas warmth, cheer and ambiance is welcome.)

December 27th
8 pm Die Hard (or as I call it cuz the actor must be pretty old by now, Die Hard With a Pension.)

December 28th
8pm The Preacher’s Wife (I have NO idea what this film is have not seen it, no idea if it is religious or not.)

December 29th
8 pm Gremlins (We may not serve water or any other liquid during this film. Only kidding.)

December 30th
8 pm Santa Verses The Martians (This is an ancient train wreck. Calling it a movie or a film is far too generous. It is supposed to be a cult film fail from ancient times and the days of yore of filming back in like the 1960s or something. Come at your own risk. Do not expect to be entertained…. Expect disappointment.)

December 31st
8 pm A very Harold and Kumar Christmas (Stoners welcome. 1 rule if you plan to get high while hanging out watching or drunk, you must have a designated driver with you. NO ONE leaves here in a car unfit for the road. We also have a guest room you are welcome to use if you just let us know in advance you are gonna need it, if you wish to attend.)
12 am The ball drops

January 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

1. We welcome and allow at this time only vaccinated people into our home. You are welcome to bring a friend or two with you so long as they can present proof of vaccination at the door. No one enters this building without showing proof of vaccination.

2. Most of these films are old but fun. They are also FREE, and our tv screen isn’t small. Unlike a movie theater, you are guaranteed to be ONLY surrounded by vaccinated people. So it is a safe place to hang out during and around the christmas holiday.

3. We will be making a christmas dinner it will include a Finnish Ham, so if you are lonely for some reason or want to come to christmas dinner here or for christmas morning brunch, just let me know. You are always most welcome.

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