Waiting For Henry

Waiting for Henry

The air is heavy. More of a sludge than air. It is unbreathable outside, in the calm before the coming hurricane. The air smells of grey and life about to be smoked by heavy winds tearing through laying waste to the beautiful trees of the forest. The air is electric with the coming force… And the clouds hang, carrying the mood of corpses hanging from a noose all about. A grey pallor, piling up gradually darkening the sky. I can feel the trees bracing for impact. They know it is coming. A hurricane named Henry, looms in the distance growing ever closer. Soon it will make the calm we are sitting in now nothing more than a legend of times past, when it rushes through tearing things apart.

The clouds gather all around the farm house.

All around the farmhouse and the farm the clouds gather… Chances are high that we will lose power. We just purchased a generator. We went all the way to Rhode Island to get one because around here they were all sold out as everyone prepares for this major storm. Tonight we will have a wonderful dinner in the calm. And tomorrow, we will hunker down as the sky opens, the rain falls and the wind rages all around us.

Gathering clouds

Henry is coming… We are ready, and hopefully we will be ok. This is the first hurricane in this area in almost exactly 30 years to the date. And hurricane season is only just starting, and we find ourselves right in the line of hurricane fire. Here it comes! This is gonna be a doozy. And I know it will be. I know, because there is no such thing as a respectable New England woman, who can’t read a sky at least as well as an Irish fisherman. The sky has been telling me all I need to know now for the last few days.

All of nature around here tells the weather, it isn’t even just the sky. I saw seagulls yesterday. Several days before this predicted hurricane. I am something like an hour and fifteen minutes inland from the ocean. They came in that far. They are telling me they don’t want to be on the coast. I also saw birds from further to the west. They told me they don’t want to be west. Which means…. Though they are now predicting it will hit the west it will very likely pass clear through here, and that it may be quite a serious weather event. Birds, will tell you everything. They will get quiet when someone comes, they will shout when they sense danger, they will even tell you which neighbors are jerks if you let them. They avoid certain yards. they will leave their usual habitat when weather arises and will seek more inland territory, or alternative territory to avoid being ripped apart along with everything else by the high winds. This is likely going to get somewhat ugly. But here we should be safe, I have stocked water, we will fill the bath tubs tomorrow, we now have a generator, and we will be able to ride out the coming storm.

We will have to wait and see what things are like when the wind dies down and water from the sky stops falling… We can assess and photograph some of the damage then, perhaps. For now we will just continue doing the small things to prepare. Like filling the old kerosene lamps, gathering the flash lights, and the little florescent light sticks and battery activated lamps, and gassing up and setting up the new generator. Perhaps we get lucky and all this is of no purpose in the end. But it is always best to be ready when you live this way rather than being caught unprepared with your pants down, because it can take time to get them pulled properly again. Best to be prepared. And so now we are.

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Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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