Visiting Pete

One of my five favorite people.

I thought I would introduce Mr. Pete today… He is a Canadian, with warm blood. Pete, sometimes known as PPP, (Perfect Prince Pete,) is very very tall. He is 16.3 hands high. He is not some little pony. He is a rather large guy. While I on the other hand stand around 5’1 ” and a halfish, so almost 5’2 and a half in riding boots. We are a bit of an odd couple. I went to visit him for the first time in a while. Things took time to organize and get moving, post vaccination. And before that, we weren’t spending much time together because about 3 years ago now, I fell cuz I was being a dope. I broke my pelvis in 2 places. It has taken time to really repair enough to get back up. What needs to be understood, is this horse is an extreme literalist. He does whatever you ask him to quite exactly. You tell him to trot he will trot. If you don’t tell him to turn, he will trot straight into the wall of the indoor almost like he expects to pass right through. I asked him to do something. I asked him to do something I probably shouldn’t have at that moment. I made a decision. My first truly bad one in decades around horses over the course of my life. I got hurt. That is on me. This horse is perfect. He has the most sweet wonderful and kind disposition and a slow goofy sense of humor. He was not responsible for my decision. I was. It doesn’t reflect on him at all. He is perfect, he is well trained, and super well behaved and quite calm truly for a prey animal. He is a good horse. I failed him, and I failed myself. He failed nothing and no one.So between covid and a broken pelvis, he has been out to pasture a while. But I am now able to start getting back to him. Which is wonderful since he is one of my favoritest people on planet earth. On Wednesday, I went back to the barn for the first time in far too long to get organized to return to my sport. While I was there, I decided to visit my buddy. The same buddy, who started to scream when he couldn’t lift me up off the ground with his nose. His screaming is what brought help. That help is how I got to a hospital and got the care I needed. I only feel horrible that I traumatized him so badly by being unable to stand up.

I took him out of his stall, and I brushed him out. it was so nice to spend some bonding time with him. I think we both needed it. I sang his favorite song for him, and we hugged and cuddled. He had an apple and several butter scotch candies. I know I know, not good for his teeth but I was trying to make up a bit for my long absence and total failure of him, first due to injury and then due to being an asthma sufferer during covid. I think I am forgiven.

It was tons of fun to see him. While I was brushing him, someone else at the barn took a look at us together me jumping up and down trying to reach the top of his back to brush it. Him loving every second of the attention. She offered me a stool to stand on. Yep, that is how short I am. people offer me stools so I can properly brush my horse. This was not the first time someone commented on the size difference and wondered what I was doing with a horse far too big for me.

I am aware, he is too large for me. Yes, I know we look ridiculous together in the ring. But we are devoted to each other. We love each other. We have a bond. I don’t know if I would ride anymore if he couldn’t be part of that. This is as much about who he is as a person as it is about my love for this amazingly wonderful sport. It would be hard for me do this with a different horse. And to lose riding would be to lose a really big piece of myself. I was forced by a virus to give it up for a time, and by injury for a time. But I can’t help always coming back to it as soon as I am able.

I look forward to long rides on Pete, and rebuilding what a very serious injury took from me. An injury that I did to myself.

Right now, Pete, is boarded not far from here up the road. I hope to eventually build him a barn right here on the property. But until I do, he can stay right where he is. He is happy there. He is treated well. And I get to visit him regularly.

Choices have consequences. The rider makes the choices. The horse does as asked. That is how the partnership works. He carried out his end of the arrangement to perfection. I know he always will. I know I can count on him. Now it is time to show him, I will never fail him again. So, we start over hoping to be successful at having fun together like we used to before I had a momentary brain fart and destroyed everything.

I am thinking of taking up vaulting and dumping hunt seat for dressage something I did a bit of before but was not serious about as I used to be a jumper as a kid… Neither Pete nor I are kids anymore. It is time to get more technical and detailed and to learn to dance more seriously with each other. Let the kids jump. I am getting old.

I am just really grateful that he is still there for me to come back to.
Thanx for reading
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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