Update on Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract at 2ish weeks.

The mist is thick, as we are not an intervale farm, sitting up high on ridge in the foot hills not far from Wachusett Mountain. We sit surrounded today in a thick dark sea of new England fog, rising off the icy snow that fell and iced over coating the ground, just last night. The damp smells almost musty it is such a strong aroma…. The sun has begun it’s descent….. Falling, almost like something knocked off a surface by a cat. Quickly, with the sound of it’s descent muffled by cushioning of the mist. The grey gradually blackens…. But I can’t see very far anyway, even during day light hours, because of the thickness of the mist, cloaking my view of forest trees, and field. My goats, look like shadows moving in the mist…..

Inside the farm house, normally I would sip tea and watch the sun setting through the trees…. Today, sunset has been cast aside for the ocean of grey mist. So instead, I hang out by the fire. I spent the afternoon quite peacefully…. Watching some university lectures through The Great Courses on the Popol Vuh, the religion of ancient Mesoamerica… It is too wet, damp, and icy to enjoy the barn yard today without breaking an ankle.

I also took some time to do some housekeeping, one thing I did, is check up on my vanilla extract that I made a couple of weeks back… I took it out of the dark cabinet it was in. Brought it out into the light and shook it a little. Which is good for it. But I wanted to show how it should be coloring the vodka, and what stage it is now at. I probably could get away with using it as is. But I think I will wait another couple of weeks… I just wanted to give an update on the project. It looks absolutely fantastic! I am very happy at how it is turning out. Nothing quite like a project coming along as it should on a day like today.

I hope you are enjoying your winter as much as I am.
Thank you for reading
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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