T’is The Last Rose Of Summer

December Rose

It is cold enough today, that I am running two of my three wood stoves… The house once again smells like a fir forest. Outside, it smells of snow, and the grey sky appears to be waiting to dump white stuff on us. The trees stand guard seriously, against the umbra. I am not sure there is much of anything they can do when the sky decides to open and spill snow to protect us. The blanket of dead leaves on the ground lay there, sometimes blown a little by a small gust of wind. The winter silence is creeping in like an invasive vine that climbs a tree from the forest floor to gradually choke the life out of it.

This has been a warm winter thus far. Shockingly warm. So warm in fact, that even though I can feel the snow coming probably later today… From the look of the sky. (All proper New Englanders can read a sky, myself included. We are too close to the ocean here to get requitable information about the weather from the media. So we learn young how to read the sky.) Today, it says snow with it’s grey bleakness.

Yet somehow, outside in the grey bleak… Due to all the warmer weather we have been having this winter… By some strange black climate magic, my rose bushes are blooming again. It is shocking to see against the grey of the sky and the browning grass. The flowers are sounding the climate change alarm. This is what I mean when I say, living on a homestead farm, we see the climate breaking down these days all around us. This is just the latest example. Things are changing and changing fast. Soon, this way of life will no longer be possible if change doesn’t happen. Roses should not be blooming in December. I love this way of life so close to nature. I don’t want to give it up. But when flowers bloom in December, it isn’t beautiful. It isn’t pretty. it doesn’t cause joy to see. It fills me with dread. It shows how imperative it is that we change the way we live in this world and that we do it very very quickly.

Thank you for reading.
Please be part of the climate solution.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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