The Mirror Crack’d Movie Night… Yeh not so much.

The Mirror Crack’d Movie Night

Last night was the book club’s movie night. It was a very small gathering. It’s difficult to do nice things with lack of reliability.  My hope is this is not going to become the standard. And to add to the issues we had, we could not in the end access the Mirror Crack’d. So instead, we decided to watch the movie for our current book The House of Sand and Fog. And it was a beautiful movie. So sad…. No heroes. Just people attached to a house all of them right all of them wrong. All of them, experience tragedy in this book and movie. I like to think that one of several messages is about how while today we duke it out over real estate, we destroy what our children will depend on in the future because we borrow this world from our children. We don’t really own anything. Long after we are gone other will take residence in our structures, and on our planet. We are but…. Passing dreams in these places we inhabit.

The Mirror Crack’d Movie Night

I set out some cookies and some beautiful whole wheat einkorn, earl grey blue berry muffins, with a lemon balm honey glaze, some cookies and lots of popcorn. one of the few to show up for our meeting brought really good brownies while someone else brought chips. We put out a couple bottles of nice wine, and we curled up on the couch and enjoyed watching our current book play out on the screen.

The couch.

It was a small and cozy group gathered on the sofa, with wine and snacks, watching a beautiful movie of our current book. A movie and a book full of lessons, including the lesson that we should appreciate what we have as everything in this life is transient. Even the things that withstand the test of time are passing in our lives… The things we build don’t have to be there for us. The relationships we create can fizzle out…. Attachment leads to suffering not just for ourselves but each other. And the way we treat each other and the dreams we have and share is important. because those are truly the only things that belong to us and that we get to carry with us. That, and the pride we take in how we treat each other. Like our structures and buildings… Our kindness and compassion live on. Our impact on this place we all share will long out live us. We are that impact. We are our effect on others. We are the common sense we exercise as well as the cruelty we visit upon one another. We have been left a gift. We destroy that gift for the future when we turn on each other. We destroy it for the future. We miss what matters so completely as we walk through this world. All of us choosing to see ourselves as victims of the governing bodies we create together, choosing to view each other as the enemy due to the break down or error in the systems we have hast as much of a voice in. Human beings are sad and small. And yet we carry such a capacity for the creation of a better world or a better beach bungalo, that we could choose to leave to those who come after us. Instead, we choose to fight over it and leave a legacy of scorched earth and poison. It is possible for us to all rise above. I hope one day we can do that.


This book is about how we need to come together to build each other up. We must take actions to support each other and our communal agencies so that errors don’t happen and people don’t get pitted against eachother and so that a legacy of joy and compassion can be left behind.

In this movie, The House of Sand and Fog, the common sense rolled out and the fog obscured the house atop the shifting sands of the ocean’s strand… Everyone’s vision was compromised, and everyone payed a horrible price and some lost everything. 2 groups rolled in from opposite sides as giant tidal waves breaking against the house…. The waves broke, the house remained it’s future was destroyed as was that of the breaking tidal waves.

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