The Garden Squatter

The sun was shining today, the air was actually clear and breathable for the first time in a month. I picked a bad time to return to my education.I would have been better served had I chosen to do so over the winter. Homesteading is labor intensive and time consuming especially this time of year. Fortunately, my mum is the most amazing garden back up. She came out yesterday and started bailing me out of the weed invasion that took place during the month of weather too poor for gardening that we just had. My food is in the garden now expressing it’s gratitude to her for bailing them out of the weed infestation. I really wish I could have been out there all day too. But, I had some studying to do.

Earlier this evening once done with my studies for the day, I went out to water my garden with Dr. Farmer Moomin. And it seems we have gained a cranky neighbor. A squatter that has taken up residence in the herb garden in the soil near my watercress and onions. Both of which need to be watered. This little guy came out to yell at us and to give us the hairy eye ball for daring to water our garden.

I now don’t know what to do… Because I don’t want to drown him. He is a wild animal, I am not going to try to move him by hand. I don’t know as he is living in a garden of plenty that he would have any interest in something in a trap and a relocation to forest. One thing is however very clear, I do need to water my food and he is squatting in the middle of it… This issue will take some thought and careful consideration. We love the wildlife from the smallest little dude like this to the moose that graced my neighbor’s yard about a week ago… It would be great if little man here would relocate on his own. He is so cute though I am tempted to leave him an apology gift right outside his little hole.

He sure was the brightest spot of a bright sunny day, with the air smelling of fresh cut grass and honey over in the hive, fresh herbs, and wildflowers. I would be so sad if he really was troubled by us doing our job as gardeners. We truly hope we have not inconvenienced him too badly. But I think we upset him rather majorly. Poor little guy. Either way, it was lovely to get acquainted with our nearest neighbor who had better not relocate to my basement bringing snakes with him…

Another wild day here at Wildflower has passed.
The sun was so greatly appreciated for a change,
And if anyone knows what to do about my tiny squatter problem drop me a note.
Thank you for reading
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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