The First Snow Storm of 2022

Wildflower Farm House In The Snow.

The dark has fallen some time ago. The night sky looks down at the white earth beneath it. It seems proud of itself somehow for the sheets of snow it let loose earlier. The snow from the first winter storm has finally arrived like a late Christmas present. We have waited so long this year for this day. It was such relief earlier, to plod through the white stuff hearing it crunch as I went to visit the chickens and check in on them. Though I must say, it was a lonelier walk across the acreage than usual without Pikku. Pikku, was fixed recently and upon getting the cone off after two weeks she then had some weird allergic reaction that sent her back to the vet. She is largely an indoor dog again this week, till she finishes her treatment. Poor thing spent a night in the dog hospital. So, my little walk without her was kinda lonely and not quite as cheerful as usual without her goofy great dane antics.

Snow Goats

Still, I was not at a total loss for fur ball antics. The goats were quite silly acting all upset with the snow. They came to greet me, clearly upset and unhappy to have to walk through the snow to say hello.

Cranky Goats

The snow makes them quite cranky. They yell about it and make their feelings very clear.

Asstrid, hates snow.

Asstrid, hates the snow the most. She gets quite cantankerous about leaving her little indoor space. No one made her or even asked her to. But I guess, she felt obligates I really don’t know. Or maybe her desire to yell at me for being 10 minutes late, was more important to her than even her rage at the snow. They are a funny crew.

Wildflower In The Snow

The white was pristine and so beautiful. I could smell it outside the cold even has a taste, like nothing else making it hard to describe. But if you have ever experienced it you know it forever after. We spent the morning snowed in, looking out at it in relief, through the windows while we hid by our wood stove.

Wood Cutter’s Block

The wood cutters block lay covered as did our many piles of winter wood that we keep in order to keep the fires going inside. Winter here is quiet and so very cozy. The quiet broken only by the dogs having a temper tantrum when the plow man arrives to dig us out about half way through the day. Once he takes off the silence rolls back in like an ocean wave onto a cold white shore.

Winter Wood Pile

Close to the woods, the wood piles sit waiting to be brought in doors…. The white woods spreads out behind them… The trees now blanketed for the long winter sleep. They seem grateful to me for the cold white covering after the summer we had that was so severe that they looked tired and beleaguered. They finally surrender for what remains of the winter. But soon enough, the leaves will once again sprout and grow in green and healthy. Hopefully next summer will be less severe than this one. It was really kind of shocking to see the trees seeming so tired and overwhelmed.

Winter Woods

It is just that time of year when all life is done living, and it sleeps. The gardens too have bedded down, not just the trees in the forest and the rageful goats.

The Gardens Sleep.

We can actually see our neighbors in spots during the winter. It is comforting to know that though we swim alone in this now white world we are not actually alone.

The chicken coop door got busted by the wind.

The chicken coop stands damaged now by the wind, to be repaired over the weekend. All our  farming efforts are now blanketed by a cold white sheet of snow. From the coop, into the woods, to the goats and gardens…. Even the red farm house.

Going Toward the road

The expanse leading down our little farm road to the town road lays stretched out a sea of white bordered by the woods. Up in the trees I can see the odd bird looking almost as grouchy as the goats. Right now, having winter arrive to turn this place into a kind of messy winter Rockwell painting is beautiful, and such a relief, one we have waited so long for this year. But, if this repeats too often it will become quite a hindrance well before the little spring wildflowers rear their colorful bright heads. Soon we will be crying out to see the lush green again. But for now, the white is quite all right with everyone except maybe the goats.  The sun is gone and the sky is dark, Dr. Farmer Moomin, digs out the steps while I sit inside near the fire feeling so gifted once again that nature is doing what nature is supposed to do during this season. I have a hot drink, and the wood stove heat is perfectly glorious against the white backdrop outside.

Welcome To Wildflower Farm

Thank you for reading
Enjoy the winter
Amanda Of Wildflower Farm

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