Thanks Giving At Wildflower Farm

Thanksgiving center piece

The old fashioned farm house here at Wildflower, lends its self quite well to the various holidays. Truly, it is a Christmas house, but it takes beautifully to thanks giving. I thought I should share some about a Wildflower Farm thanksgiving. So to start….. It is about the the 3 F’s.
F1 being *F*riends, F2 being *F*amily, and F3 is well duh….. *F*ood. We love the three F’s and can’t think of abetter way to spend our time.

So some photos for you, (I almost wrote to you…. which tells me I am thinking in Finnish again, as that is how it would directly translate. Not for you, but to you. But in  english we say for.) so FOR YOU!

Jessica Cheese Board

My kid sister, is all about a nice swanky cheese and crackers tray. Pre-dinner eats. She works hard to create her Manhattan style cheese board, here on the farm and for just a moment I am a million miles off the farm roaming Manhattan. The cheese board is a small escape, and it is delicious.

Jessica’s green beans

My kid sister often makes green beans too for thanks giving. She boils them in frying pan till the color darkens. She strains them adds some chopped garlic, olive oil, and a little salt and mixes it in the now waterless frying pan. It’s one of my favorite things…. Or was till I discovered it can be improved upon…. Instead of adding Olive Oil, add basil olive oil!  Greatest of yums and super simple!


We have potatoes and root vegetables, and all kinds of other yums.


Thanksgiving at Wildflower Farm

Everyone brings something…. My grandma, and my mother, friends in attendance…. Everyone comes early. Much of the cooking happens here.


My husband and I are usually responsible for the turkey. On average it runs us about $100 to buy a fresh not frozen turkey from another local farmer up the road. We get it from one of the local Wheeler farms, Balance Rock Farm, right down the street. We pick it up, (this year it was 23 lbs,) at Balance Rock Farm the day before the holiday. We bring it home, clean it out, wash it, then we salt the bird, and we put him into the fridge uncovered and we wait till the following morning when we mix up some nice stuffing and stuff the bird. What follows is baking…. It bakes a looong time. Then finally! We are ready to eat!

Happy and late thanksgiving
From all of us here at Wildflower
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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