Sunday Breakfast Mixes

Homemade breakfast mixes.

This morning I walked the yard. I could see the trees dancing as the wind whirred past my ear, speaking of coming thunder and rain. The air smelled of the heavy clouds forming above the dancing trees that were getting wilder in their movement like some kind of indigenous people dancing for the sky, the trees were calling down the rain, that still shadows above and gathers more and more grey and darkness…. Until inevitably the down pour and the thunder will come and the trees will cheer in delight.  Today will not be the first rain in the last few days. Friday too it rained.Dr. Farmer Moomin and I hid in the house, and did what we do every few months. We created some new dry mixes for our sunday breakfast. The event of the week that could be the leading reason we are at nearly 13 years of marriage and we remain together. It is a custom, and a weekly ceremony here. Some go to church. But we prefer nurturing our relationship with a special weekly breakfast, some time spent checking in and engaging with each other. We aren’t really the date night type. So instead we do this breakfast.

We gather ingredients and use some of our cook books to create a few different dry mixes for a baked breakfast or for pancakes and waffles. We write down the wet ingredients and all the quantities to cut each of our dry mixes in 2. That way, we don’t massively over do it creating tons of food we can’t eat. Instead making only a little bit of excess that we freeze and eat as snacks through out the week.

We eat our yummies made from our dry mix usually with bacon and often a side of eggs as well, a gift from our chickens.

This is such a simple thing but it has come to have so much meaning for us.

Thank you for reading
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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