Naughty Goats who staged a prison break.

Sadly, these photos are a little behind the times now. I have been having blog issues and difficulties which is why I have not been posting. I hope to get it all worked out and functional before too long. If I am brutally honest, I hate computers. I know how to type and that is really about it. Beyond that I have exactly 0 ability to aide them or understand them in their functions. So when they get problemy, it means they get fixed on Dr. Farmer Moomin’s schedule, which can take time. So bear with me.

Today, I smelled the earth outside, and cut grass for the first time this year. I saw some of these lovely things I had photographed had already burst into bloom. Though they are just the early spring creeping in. In this region, spring happens like nowhere else in the world that I have ever been. (And I have been a lot and I do mean a lot of places.) Here, spring starts with just a tiny trickle. Then it reaches a point where you can feel it building all around you. Then suddenly the earth just explodes in full fledged spring and it is so very glorious and so very sudden.

The first blooms of spring.

Everything is becoming full of buds, from Tess, the maple tree, to the fruit trees and even the lilacs and Wisteria.

Tess The Maple Tree All Budded Out

Lilacs By The House

The goats are restless on the hill. They keep busting out of goatcatraz. The dogs too, can’t wait to get things going outside now that the snow has melted. I have already started hanging the laundry outside. All life, is waking up as Lady Spring, comes closer and closer… I can hear her approach in the birds singing, I can smell it in the forsythia along the edge of the property. I can taste it in the warming air, and I see it everywhere I look. Any moment, the dear Lady of the spring time will jump out of the the forest and everything will spring to life with her.

Pussy Willows

Easter, has come and gone. Now we prepare the yard for the coming return of life to this entire region. We get it ready to be at it’s best. Soon it will be time again to plant the gardens.

There is something you find inside yourself when you return to a way of life so heavily dependent on the cycles of nature. It’s like you come back into balance with the earth around you as now you are subject to Gaia’s moods, as you are supposed to be as a living thing on this planet. There is a peace in that. It is unshakable, and complete.

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