Spring is Early This Year

The Lilacs are budding.

it’s evening now, and ironically since I took these photos it has snowed again and we are expecting even more over the weekend. The temperature this winter has been freakish. Major cold blasts then very warm then sudden cold blast again. It is going to wreak havoc on the plants that have started producing buds for spring already. This is climate change impacting the farm. This shouldn’t be happening this early. Something is very very wrong with this planet. Typically, I love to see new buds on the lilac bushes. I love a return of spring. I love smelling the mud and the rebirth of all that is green. But this year after this demented winter it just feels too early.

Pussy Willows

The pussy willows stand tall along the road all fuzzy and cute. I love to great them every year. They always make me smile. Some of the first signs of life poking up from the roughage of the edge of the still dead and skeletal woods. Pussy willows are cute. I think of them as the forest’s pet house cat, and in the spring they do that thing where they stick up their tails, purr and walk around your ankles. I get the same feeling from that as I do when I see the earliest pussy willows of spring.

I can feel her, the lady of the spring. The energy of life returning, the green wood woman… She is waking up in the mud getting ready to rise into her fully glory as she does every year. But I can feel a sickness in this spring time Goddess. As I felt through the winter months. The Holly King too was unwell… Like Covid infected us for all these years, it seems we have become a viral pandemic to the forces of nature that we once lived with in harmony. Glorying in their light and abundance, today most don’t even realize vegetables grow from the ground as they lob bombs at nuclear power plants in Europe. As we frack away our clean water. As we pollute to supply foods that are unnatural to given regions in certain seasons… While we keep too many cows that fart endlessly. Yes, I love cows too. I have none, but I think they are amazing. All the same, we must be honest their numbers are part of the problem here. Not the entirity of the problem far from it. But a piece of it that we really could and should cut back on a bit in conjunction with cutting back in other areas of pollution as well. The Lady Spring, lays sickly in the mud, and no doubt she will rise like every year as she has since the beginning of time. But the fact is, she is diminished by what we do to the natural world that is her body.

Tess The Maple Tree

I even got to greet Tess, my maple tree friend. I have missed her through the winter. The buds she wears are such a welcome sight. Though I worry for her budding so early. By July she will seem tired and abused by the heat. It will be hard to watch her laboriously holding up the sky. Then finally she will turn red, before going to sleep again. This is the cycle of life on a homestead. And like it or not, we are part of it. Like it or not, we are having a profoundly negative impact on the planet.

Think about that before you go to the gas station to pay for the over priced gas.
Ask yourself is it really worth it, when there is a better way.
It is worth the investment of dumping what is poisoning our planet.
Each year we don’t my way of life is altered.
Each year we don’t the planet gets sicker.
One day, Lady Spring, may not rise from the mud.
She may lie there in a puddle as she slowly ceases to be.
I don’t want to live in that world.
Please, think about the choices we are making before there are none left to make.
Thank you for reading
Amanda Of Wildflower Farm

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