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Lavender Lemongrass Epsom Bath Salt The First Product In The Shop.

I am super excited today. And I have Dr. Farmer Moomin, to thank. Thank you Dr. Farmer Moomin! The shop, by popular demand, has been set up and is now officially open for business! Dr. Farmer Moomin, got it set up. he finally got sick of having friends and B&B guests, asking, “I love this! Where can I buy some?” And I would respond, “Oh well, errr…. I don’t sell it…. But here are a couple more bars of our soap and some other extra odds and ends I made. No charge.” So the shop is now set up and ready to take orders. I must say I am super excited. It has been a long time since I had something like this set up. I miss having a place to actually earn from the product of the work of my own hands.

Lavender Lemongrass Epsom Bath Salts.

I first cooked up this bath salt idea a long time ago while living in Vienna Austria, before my homestead days. Back when I was living a rather peripatetic life as an aristotelian and the wife of a young physicist doing his post docs. We were living in a little apartment on Schmidgasse, above the Centimeter pub. In the kitchen, one day I was sore because my dog had behaved badly and my muscles now ached from having to control him. So, I thought back to an even earlier time as a child, back in the Buddhist Hippy commune I grew up in. I had a friend there who would craft and make all kinds of things. it was from her, I first learned to think creatively. She had once shown me how to make a very simple bath salt to soothe and relax tender muscles. So in my kitchen I looked about and I asked myself, “How can I improve on that old method, because a soak would do me good right about now.”

Bath Salt

So, I decided rather than a rose oil, something relaxing for the muscles and my stress level made more sense. Rather than a rose fragrance, a lavender lemongrass one made more sense, especially if I unified them with a small cream drop of vanilla. I also added some glorious oils, a little vitamin E, a bit of coconut oil, a small amount of Moringa oil, because why just treat my back pain when I can give my dermis an amazing uplifting as well. I added a couple small drops of soap dye, purple for lavender, and I made a beautifully fragrant skin soothing, muscle ache killing soak for my bath. It did the trick so well. And the smell was so beautiful I noted the recipe in one of my many recipe note books where so many different ideas I have made in the past live and where certain ideas for future needs live waiting to be realized.

Bath Salt

The fragrance is beautiful. Lavender, is a floral, woodsy, sweet, delicate, slightly smokey fragrance that mixes truly beautifully with lemongrass which offers an undertone of citrussy, earth and grass inspired scent that is then mellowed just enough by the very trace bottom note of exotic vanilla, which offers a warm creamy comforting touch. Both lavender and lemongrass are super relaxing and with the comforting vanilla, this fragrance is unique, and glorious. Having actually soaked in this exact product I can say, this is a really wonderful bath experience.

Bath Salt

As an expat, let me tell you lugging my suitcases and battling my leashed dog in the city, I thought I knew the true meaning of muscle aches…. hahahaha…. Was I wrong. To truly know pain, one must embrace the chores of homesteading. The difficulty that breeds aches and pains in parts of your body you didn’t know existed. The pain, of staying in one place, bound to it. Until you become a part of it, no different than the trees growing on the property and the stones in the little gravel road. Just harder working. This bath potion is now a chronic friend of mine. It does such great things for me, that I decided to share it with guests. And soon, requests for purchase started coming in. As of tomorrow morning it will be the first product in my little shop. And more will be forthcoming soon.

Bath Salt

Oh this farm will always come first. The needs of the animals, lifting hay bails, collecting eggs, burying my seeds in my raised beds, harvesting, weeding, etc… This is what I live here to do. I wouldn’t want to make anything else the primary focus of my life. But while making these things for myself when I need them and making a little extra for the B&B guests, not really a difficulty to make a little even additional extra to get the shop going, and running. This farm could use a method of earning some of what it takes to keep it running even when covid is of issue and the B&B must be closed for a time.

Thank you for reading about the first product on offer in the shop.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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