Solidarity with Ukraine

I am sorry. I have no pretty pictures to post tonight. Even if I did, I will not cheapen this moment in history by talking about happy things and the smell of baking bread. Sorry. I don’t have that level of callousness in me. So, at least for this post… No pretty pictures. The world is burning down because a dictator suffering from a bad case of covid crazy, is busy trying to kill his neighbors. I try not to be political here. But I don’t sanitize this blog completely. Before I did homesteading, I studied many things including music, and also archaeology. To be true to myself, I must make a note of this moment. It is a very very very important one, that culd in theory lead to world war 3. One day, people will ask about this moment. Where were you? I am at home on my farm. Watching on the news, in horror. Waiting for already high prices to rise even more. And ya know… I have no concern for myself, I am fine, not worried about the hurt I might feel when I have to pay at the pump. My concern is for the Ukrainian people. A people, who have only ever sought to live freely, in peace. Tonight, their neighbors are preying upon them after one of the most disgusting and irrational betrayals in human history. Tonight, Ukrainians, are being loaded into body bags, as they respond to protect their families from direct assault by Russian soldiers that have invaded.
Ukraine, is no longer safe, a problem for the whole world as we all live on Ukraine’s bread basket. The effects of this will be felt on a wealth of levels and in a wide range of ways. I am nausious while I contemplate the effects this moment in history will have not just on Ukraine, but on the entire world. What is happening now will be felt for a long time to come. So much suffering. And why? And perhaps most importantly… Who will be next, if Putin, truly is trying to rebuild the Soviet Union, to it’s glory days.

Here at Wildflower, we have been watching this horror show unfold since it began… We didn’t want to believe this could really happen. Because then we have to ask… Who will the lunatic running Russia, go after next? For us… It is a huge question and a deeply troubling one. Some may know I call my husband Dr. Farmer Moomin. I went with Moomin, for a reason. It is a cartoon from Finland. My husband was born in a nation that was once invaded by Russia back during world war 2. Of course, the last time Finland was under threat from Russia was world war II. Dr Farmer Moomin, wasn’t alive back then. He and I have only known Finland as the wonderful autonomous, sweet, intellectually astute, slightly socialist, kind place, that it has been for the entirity of our lives. We have never had reason to ask what if. Not until now. Like Ukraine, Finland shares a large border with Russia. Now, we have no choice but to ask what now.

I am very troubled by this moment. It is difficult to watch. So, solidarity Ukraine. I am sorry there is nothing I am able to do to be of some value to you in this moment. While civilians are murdered by Russian troops and children hide in subways… I can’t imagine being in such a situation myself. On this farm, we do not sleep well. We worry about what the future holds for our family remaining in Finland. Because, who knows what this Russian maniac will do next? I used to believe the nut in North Korea, was the crazy we should all be worrying about. But yeh, no, Putin, just proved me wrong. The true crazy has been in The Kremlin all along.

My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine. I am so very sorry for what you are facing tonight. I hear my president saying no troops will be deployed… I can understand his position. I don’t think he is wrong, I am sorry he is not wrong. I think we have militias in this nation… Militias not controlled by the government. Groups that have spent the past few years rattling their sabers ranting like crazies as crazy as Russia, about fake elections and being ruled by a dictator… And to them, I say… You want to fight a dictator? There is one invading the Ukraine, our government can’t send in troops. But you, you are not troops. Get off your dead asses, and go put all that nonsense you have been practicing for years to use somewhere that needs your help. I suspect my saying that will have no effect though. Because little boys like to play gorilla soldier when they don’t actually have to risk their lives to do it. But when they do… Then, they are of no value in the moments that need them the most.

How is tonight impacting me? Well, already this page has been targeted by more than 3 interesting efforts through our comments section, that appeared to me to be something nefarious. I am guessing blogs and businesses all across the US are getting hit with such efforts. We are so small we are not worth anyone’s time. So why I have gotten such “out reach” escapes me. But since I have, I decided why stay quiet? This could be the start of world war III, especially if China, goes after a certain other Asian nation… Then we are all on a sinking ship together. Which is one of the reasons, this moment needs to be marked with a post like this one. I never thought this moment could happen in my lifetime… First Covid dropped, and now the other shoe has fallen also… We don’t have many shoes left to drop. The world is running out.

Solidarity Ukraine.
The whole world is watching and no one agrees with what is happening to you.
Keep fighting.
Go to Poland, go to Romania, go to the nations beside you.
Get out to safety.
Then, if you want to come here, our B&B will be open to as many as we can comfortably house.
No charge.
You are not alone. And you may not be the last on Putin’s demented hit list.
Stay strong.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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