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The snow is falling, though not deep on the ground today. Outside, not only can smell the snow, but cold too has it’s own fragrance. It’s freezing cold out.  But I wouldn’t want it any other way… In fact, the better part of 10 years I had it another way…. But there is just something about New England. It is more than just a region. It’s a  way of life, a climate, it is what gets inside you, teaches you to be strong….  You can count on an NE winter, in a world in which you can’t count on much. Coming home was rough. I looked out the windows, I recognized Boston, on my way through…. But it looked foreign. Because living in EU, the buildings are colossal and made of stone. Here stylistically compared to there it is like being on a different planet. I am still some years later reaclimating…  to the New England way of life.

We leave sample size in our rooms for our guests. This is a warm vanilla fragrance with warm spices. Perfect for some hygge time in the tub! I call this beautiful fragrance Winter.

I will spend a few hours today making the all natural, handmade soaps we leave on the guest beds, and leave in large bars in our bathroom. In the past I have operated in tubs for larger projects…. But since Wildflower, is a new endeavor, I will be doing small batch later and using molds. Later, they will be found on beds as a free gift, and in the gift shop in large size for purchase.

Given the season, I am working on a fragrance I call Winter. I fill Winter, with several natural fragrances, a soothing vanilla, mixes with some warm spices to create our winter fragrance. The idea was to try to fill soap with  all the cozy of New England winter.

Winter fragranced soap. Because I am a small farm, I work in tiny batches which sometimes means color isn’t uniform… In this large size we hope to make Winter available soon from our gift shop.

I make my own base out of several oils, goat’s milk,  aloe, honey, and vegetable glisterine and few other natural things…. A full list of ingredients is on every bar. It produces a luxurious lather and does a great job of not stripping the dermis of it’s moisture. I developed it specifically like this for just that reason.

Soap, is fun and easy, it can be somewhat time consuming, but I enjoy trying to do more rather than less  to make a visit here wonderful and highly unique. The other thing about really any of our farm products, is that they are in part what we rely on so that we can continue the wild adventure that is, Wildflower Farm.

My collection of essential oils. I use them when soap making for natural fragrance. I have many uses for them…. Perhaps in time I will tell you about some of them.

But now I have to fly. Pikku, tells me I need to get ready to brave the cold to take her to play. Then,  I can  come home, put on christmas music to fill the New England Farm and snow quiet that we sometimes achieve here. A harmonious silence… And the perfect time to make a couple small batches of soap, right in front of the kitchen window…. I will stand looking out, at the goats, and the silent snow swirling, while inside, by my wood stove I mix, and then finally pour my soap then I wait. It is almost a meditation…

There is a quietness of the soul and a peace to be found at times on a farm.
Other times…. It’s hilarity going at a mile a minute.
Sometimes, I find myself just holding on for dear life…
Still at times farming is a challenge.
I love it because like with nature it cycles.
I love it, because it is never exactly the same as the day before.
I love it because it is the home I have chosen to build.
My heart lives in everything that I do, create, survive, enjoy, etc around here.
Thank you for your time.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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