Wisteria, Lilac, Lemon Balm, freshly collected.

This project began as a very different project, as is often the case with projects on a farm. You think you know what the end result will be, then it doesn’t go as planned and something even awesomer results. Yes, I just heard myself use “awesomer”… Sometimes when one project turns out to be a fail, you can roll it out into something else. That is this project, which began as just an effort to dehydrate and preserve a bunch of mandarins for Dr. Farmer Moomin, cuz he loves his mandarins.

In the dehydrator mandarin and mandarin peel and several other things.

It began when the effort to dehydrate mandarins turned out to be an epic fail…. Except for the smell while they dehydrated! The smell was incredible. We all lost our stuff over that beautiful aroma.

Lilac, wisteria, lemon balm, in dehydrator.

Inspired by the smell, when Dr. Farmer Moomin, said dehydrated mandarin didn’t taste good… I popped my freshly dehydrated mandarin peal, in a bowl, then I went out, cut a lot of wisteria, and lilac, and of course lemon balm. I put them in the dehydrator also. I have found setting flowers on a rather low setting and just letting it take it’s time preserves the beautiful fragrance as well as the color of flowers.


When, finished dehydrating the flowers were mixed in a large bowl with the mandarin as was the lemon balm. What resulted was an incredible¬† fragrance…. Which I then bagged in small white mesh bags.


I hide these all over the house. Every drawer, closets, bathrooms, etc…. There is no wrong place to smell something truly beautiful.

Wisteria, Lilac, Lemon Balm, freshly collected.

But, now, I hear the gardens and the mostly sunny sky calling me. They say they need me outside putting in the medicinal garden. I can see out my window, the Pequod, sailing on a cerulean sea above me, not far behind a giant fluffy Moby Dick, the woolly Pequod, appears to follow in hot pursuit, small cannon balls of fluff lay about around Moby Dick the big white cloud whale, evidence of the Pequod firing it’s canon balls at it’s whale foe. Off, in the distance in the cerulean sea, porpoises appear to be playing off in the blue distance over head. They invite me out to play with them from my position, stuck to the earth by the bottoms of my feet… So I will go now to spend some time with them, and with the ocean of sky and the earth beneath it that calls to be planted.

Thank you for your help with this fabulous little project.
It was fun taking a little time from my busiest season to do this little project.
As always, thank you for reading.
Amanda Of Wildflower Farm

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