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Lip balm, when created by an herbalist is a very healing phenomenon. When created by a homesteader, it’s the type of tough stuff that protects through the winter. My lip balm, is medicated herbally so that it provides a great deal of moisture, and improves the dermis of the lips. The base is made of fractionated coconut oil, shea, and beeswax. I use herbs, rose for moisture and to fight aging of the lips, frankincense for skin improvement, and mint for cooling any pain from chapping.

Previous to my life on a homestead I used to purchase my lip balm at the drug store. I had one that claimed to be beeswax based that always felt good because of the high quantities of mint it contained. What I gradually learned to understand through studying herbalism and through the use of this product, is that it was actually leaching the moisture from my lips. That is a property of mint, it is drying. Which is why, the most plentiful ingredient in my lip balm is rose. Something that adds moisture rather than leaching it. I also do add a small amount of mint because chapped lips can be painful and mint can cool that pain down. But the quantity used is far far lower than what is common in so called medicated lip balms you will find on store shelves. They seek to create long term customers. who keep coming back thinking they get a medicated product, but they always need more because the byproduct of using it is further drying. I seek to actually return health to whatever it is my product is treating. I don’t need to dry out people’s lips for a customer base. The healing product I produce brings back health, and customers return next time the issue arises, because they like how it actually treats and resolves the issue.

I am a homesteader, I am much too busy, feeding animals and playing in my garden to spend my time trying to create a product that will force people to keep buying more, so I can make money. I have all I need, eggs from my chickens, goats for dairy, gardens full of yummies…. A forest to forage. I learned this science of herbalism to heal. If I wanted to create a customer base I would have gotten a BA in business, rather than a small piece of land to take care of my own needs.

You should buy this product, because it works. And I know it works. Not just because I created it around sound principles of several phytochemicals, but because I also use it. I wear it in winter, to protect my lips, I wear it in the summer to return moisture leached by the sun. I designed a product, that I jump for joy to use. And it is now available here when I have more than I need, because it can help other people.

This lip balm, is really a wonderful product, gooey, but stays put. Heals chapping, returns moisture, improves the skin of the lips and fights aging. It stands up to the elements like a champion and I say that as a homesteader that knows a few things about facing the elements.

Directions: Open container, dip finger into lip balm, collect some on your finger tip apply to lips.

Safety Information: Keep out of reach of children. For external use only.


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