Pikku, The Dog Has An Ear Infection


Pikku, the dog, is a bit of a handful. Partly just because she is huge. Partly because she is all sass and teenage doggy angst. Very sweet, good heart but what a naughty one. We love her very much though certain issues have come up. The issues for tonight I wanted to talk about is, ear infections. Pikku, the greatest of danes, gets ear infections. She seems to have one tonight. Many may be aware of what I do. I study to get certified in herbalism through Cornell, in my spare time. So, when my dog began expressing her discomfort… I had a very good idea of what I needed to do. For the record, this should work for a child as well. it is a topical treatment that you use as a wash and wipe the ear opening and region down. just scraping into the very entrance of the ear canal very very carefully. It is not drops. It is not intended to be used as drops put down the ear canal. Do not use this in that way. But as an anti bacterial and microbial wash to heal infected ears of children and many pets it is fabulous.

3 table spoons apple cider or apple scrap unpasteurized vinegar
1 1/2 table spoons water
1 table spoon fractionated coconut oil
1/2-1 tea spoon calendula oil
3-8 drops tea tree essential oil.

With the help of Dr. Farmer Moomin, he held her still and I swabbed out her ear, we cleaned her ear out. Now she sleeps but is not thrilled with us. We had to do something since the vet isn’t open till monday. Sorry, not sorry. We hope if we repeat this 3 times a day till monday we can get this thing under control and maybe then no need for the vet. If that does not work, vet will be called first thing Monday and she will be hurried in for treatment.

This is a great example of homestead health care, through which we avoid medical care when we can. That being said, there is a time and a place for everything including a vaccine. We are homesteaders. Our whole existence is based on nature and the laws of science that govern it. Sometimes that means cures as simple as this. Other times, it means sitting down and getting the Moderna vaccine because we wish to avoid Covid, and vaccines work and these vaccines are safe, have 30 plus years of study of the technology involved and the technology has been used in nations other than this one in the past without problem. Science works. It is real. Without it, this homesteading way of life goes to garbage. We rely on science and on nature to thrive living this way.

All that being said, when another avenue can fix something why waste the doctor’s time? If you were to travel and I know this because I did travel before I settled here, I traveled for many years. For a time I called Canada home and for years I called Europe home. You learn that most cultures are less dependent on over the counter drugs, and even antibiotics. If you go to a pharmacy you may find it called an apothecary. The person behind the desk will give you a traditional herbal remedy for your ailment. If it doesn’t help you are advised to return in 24 hours to get a drug. Most of the time, it works beautifully. Giving nature first crack at a health problem (unless it is acute and or very severe,) is just a good idea. The truth is, antibiotics, and drugs are gradually losing their effectiveness as the result of over use. Many if not most or even all drugs, are based on the chemistry contained in plants. So why not just use the plant, if it can be helpful and keep your body from gradually growing immune to drugs?

It is a delicate balance. I shoot for natural in my healthcare and in my habits and life. Recognizing, sometimes for some things you really need biology and chemistry. It is totally fine to go seek the help that you need when you truly need help. There is no shame in that. It is not a pollutant to your system. The pollutant would be whatever is causing the harm and allowing it to continue to destroy the body. I hear quite often from people who tell me vaccinations aren’t natural and they believe in nature only. Quite frankly, my personal opinion is that is a highly idiotic position to take. There are two foundations for this way of life. The second one is science. Calling what it gives us unnatural, is what I find unnatural. Allowing one’s children, pets, or loved ones to suffer unnecessarily is the unnatural choice in my opinion.

Homesteaders, such as myself love our herb gardens. We are constantly tinkering in our kitchens to create a pantry of medical and personal care items that we can use to try to avoid doctors and medications in an effort to live naturally. Many of us do a great deal of study to this end as well. This remedy, if used as described can work for humans as well as for the dog. Why is that? Well… Because by and large, dogs and humans evolved quite closely and in each other’s junk. As a result, many of the things we can use to this end they too can use. But always check with your vet or doctor first if you are not 100% certain, (and you should never be 100% certain of any information you find on the internet.) Plants are chemicals. Using the wrong chemical can cause damage. So again, always check with doctors and or vets. Make sure any supplements or natural products have third party certification from an independent lab of some kind. These things are considered food by the FDA, and are not regulated by them. So testing is often minimal and many things marketed for certain issues may have 0 credibility or may not even contain what they claim to be. No one checks unless a third party lab does.

Lastly let me repeat, check with your health care practitioner, doctor, nurse, pharmacist, and or vet if you plan to use this with yourself/child/pet *BEFORE* you use it. You should check with them ALWAYS before you use any natural supplement or product for health.

I hope this ear wash can be of use to you.
Thank you for reading
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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