Oh Christmas Tree!

Christmas Trees at Indian Head Farm

I am so glad to have a new and functional blog. I have missed this…. This is why this post too is a  bit behind schedule. Good news, we are almost caught up now!

My husband, “Dr. Farmer Moomin,” and I have been getting our tree from the same local farm right up the road now for the last several years. It is just tradition each year to head to Indian Head Farm right down the street to pick up a really amazing tree. They also offer berry picking when in season…. yums…. Gotta love Indian Head. It is another 6th generation Wheeler family farm.

This whole little  town was largely founded by Wheelers and Sawyers, both are still present in the community. Some remained attached to their family’s historic farms. Others do other things now…. The two families intermarried too over the generations…. Then in more recent times, people have been moving out here to live a country life of one kind or another. Myself, and Dr. Farmer Moomin, included.

Why do I call my husband Dr. Farmer Moomin? Ahhh well of course I will explain…. My husband holds a PhD in physics from Helsinki university. I am the farm wife, which makes him the Farmer. Like the Moomin, my husband is Finnish. He was born in the Savo region about 4-5 hours by car into the middle of the country from Helsinki. So Dr. Farmer Moomin, feels  somehow appropriate as a pet nickname for my husband.

Going to get our tree, has become a tradition. Dr. Farmer Moomin, and I love going to look at and choose a tree. We love supporting another local farm, and our trips to Indian Head, never disappoint especially at Christmas time.

Indian Head Farm

I think my favorite part of looking for a tree is the smell. I love the way trees smell. We love the lights. We aren’t even religious. We get a tree and do the holiday, because our families did when we were young. Because it is 12/11, 4:33 pm and already dark outside. We treasure the festivals of light that happen during this season. We love them all and are always happy to honor holidays that are different from ours right along side our secular christmas, which we love because it is a festival of lights at the darkest part of the year…..

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Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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