Oh Christmas Tree!

Christmas tree at Wildflower Farm 2021

Yesterday, we began gathering everything to enjoy a really beautiful holiday. This little B&B lends itself beautifully to an old fashioned and rustic primitive christmas. So we try to play on that with the way we deck the halls. And oh my do we deck the halls.

It is a lot of work to get everything prepped and decorated for Christmas. We do it early and we enjoy it for over a month. The ambiance is nice to relax in, once the magic has been designed, set up, and put in place. This year, my mom and Auntie Donna, stopped in for some hot spiced cider and to help out. The wood stoves were running, and on top of them in little kettles in each room, was water to which had been added my christmas fragrance mix, fir and sweet orange with warm spices filled the air. We got a lot done though a few little things remain to be done and will be completed next weekend. But it is already lovely.

Now, we sit down to watch a Christmas movie favorite of ours called Christmas In The Clouds, exhausted but happy, snacking and giggling finally able to feel a bit of Christmas cheer. Something we need. It was so hard to get in the spirit this year with a new Covid strand on the way. We are just so tired of it all. But it continues. Still, with my mom’s help some spicy cider, a great fragrance, and of course all kinds of great christmas music, we found a way past it at least for the time it took to do most of our decorating. I feel so much more tired now than usual. But maybe that has nothing to do with Covid? Perhaps it is because I am now 40 plus 1 year…. Officially middle aged. (The horror.) That could be it too. But somehow I think it is more likely this new covid strand. Just as things were starting to get better…. Yeh, nope. Oh well, it won’t spoil the holiday at the B&B. I refuse to let it.

There are still a few small touches here and there and a table to decorate…. But other than that not much at all… So if lock down does strike again, I can’t think of a more beautiful situation to find myself stuck in.

Thank you for reading.
And Happy beginning of the holidays.
Do not let this miserable news destroy your joy, but be cautious and wise.
Stay safe.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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