New Life, The Wheel Turns

Tess, the maple tree begins to wake up.

The jonquils dance today in the cold early spring  breeze. It’s so  nice to see them. We have been here so long now, I greet them in the spring as old friends returning from a great journey to the beyond they go to  every winter.

The air is clean and crisp. It even smells clean. I remember the smell from a long time ago, when I was a little girl at summer camp out in the woods….. Even back then the summer mornings before polar bear swim, it was pretty cold in New Hampshire… Similar in temperature would be my home here in MA. Only it didn’t exist back then…. I feel clean when the air touches me as I did then. It was kind of a surprise to discover I had lost  that…. I still can’t place exactly when or where I was when I lost that clean feeling being touched by the morning sun and the wind.

It isn’t just me either or just our farm. It is everywhere! I have seen stories of the ozone layer beginning to heal, animals are taking over towns in whales,  namely sheep…. And all kinds of other things. As we retreat from a potentially lethal disease, nature wakes  up begins to heal and starts making a come back. Reclaiming what we stole. Mother earth, literally drawing the “it’s me or the dog,” line in the clay. We are the dog. We better get our environmental act together. This feels like a final warning from the planet that is our home.

Here at Wildflower, I been losing my mind. Quarantine is the stink. We were taking a slow gradual approach to homesteading and learning to be self sufficient… We kicked it into high gear. We obtained a hydroponic system. We will be planting it, growing seeds getting our outdoor garden starts without ever leaving the property. Usually our gardens are an experiment in a slow process of learning homesteading skills to eventually become more self sufficient. Not this year. I bought a water bath canner and a pressure canner, a vacume sealer and dehydrator.  As I read the news and talk to farmers about farming…. What I am hearing is the supply chain is broken.  There is no point then for farmers to work. Some farmers are catching the dreaded contagion and can’t do it. NO ONE is reporting any aide or support from ANYWHERE. Which is leading to problems that I don’t want to think about. So, though I am not a doomsday prepper and though I will never stock pile weapons in a homemade bunker 50 feet below the earth’s surface…. It does seem, the earth is forcing our gradual plan towards self sufficiency to suddenly kick into over drive. The result is, my studies of books on farming and food production is also in over drive…. Things are moving so quickly for such a slow time…. Our way of life is under going a  major overhaul. EVERYONE’S life should be.

I don’t mean that as you should just stay home, I mean I get that too is a major  life change for some. For some it is difficult. What I mean is, we are growing in all the ways we hoped to because this crisis is forcing us to do the work. You see, we can’t leave here…. I have asthma.

I could keep going… I  could talk about our hydroponic’s system in detail…. But I am too busy. I have been thinking and drawing plans for a cold smoker.

I feel lucky here. Every day while everyone else goes out to walk the city streets in masks, I don’t wear one. I stay on my 5 acres, and explore it for a while. No other people anywhere around me. Just the clean air, the smell of the reviving grass, the sunshine coming through the forest trees…

Please stay safe everyone.
Keep a distance of 30 feet. MIT scientist has proved this thing travels up to 27 feet with regular breathing. And a Finnish scientist has proven it hangs live in the air for several minutes after the host moves on. That study was published in the most important Helsinki newspaper. I trust Finns on science. My husband, Dr. Farmer Moomin, is a Finnish scientist. I know the quality of Finnish science to be very high. So though they keep saying 6 feet…. Please, 30 feet, wear a mask everywhere you go when off your own land. As wonderful as this is at giving us the kick in the ass we need to get more active and to keep moving towards self sufficiency….. We want it over as much as everyone else. We worry about loved ones and friends and we wait for an end to this. Wait with us. Don’t rush to get back to normal no matter what the screens tell you to do and no matter what the orange wind bag  is blowing out of his pie hole. This is serious. Our choices can impact others, can cause their death. I guess I am acutely aware as an asthmatic right now…. One thing is for sure, stuff round here gets more interesting by the day. But for most it just gets scarier…..

It’s a tough time.
We aren’t going anywhere
Neither should you.
Stay in be a hero save lives.
All my love and a special dedication.
We need change for all of us.
We need to hold on for 1 more day.
We made this mess, this is what climate science has been predicting.
We can clean it up.
We came here 6 years to learn to live a more clean and natural life.
Join us from your own home. You can always visit us here online even when you can’t go out.
Hold on for one more day.
Amanda Of Wildflower Farm
“Love’s the Only House Big Enough For All The Pain In The World.”- Martina Mcbride

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