Nakke Nakuttaja or Woody Wood Pecker

The work of Nakke

The last week or so I have been listening to tapping coming from inside the walls or outside the house. I wasn’t sure what I was hearing. I thought it could be mice, my husband, Dr. Farmer Moomin, was convinced we had bats in the wall. Which totally freaked me the out. Because Covid, came from bats. We do get bats out here, we are a farm. But I was sure what I was hearing couldn’t have been bats.

After much discussion and days of listening to something knocking… One day my husband took the dogs out. He saw a little downy wood pecker at work on the house. Though we are deeply concerned about our house, we were also won over by how cute the little Downy was. So, we bought him some suet, and a bird house. He is getting a home of his own and will soon leave our house alone. We are going to pay off the little birdy loan shark. Set him up for life. We are hoping, he will respond by courteously living nearby non destructively.

I spent $60 on his bird house, so I know for a bird house it is top of the line. The little vandal is getting very nice digs. He can’t ask for more aside from regular suet refills of his feeder.

If this doesn’t work I have no idea what I am going to do. The last thing I would ever want to do is anything harmful to little Nakke, but I can’t allow the destructive vandalism of the house to continue either.

If you have any ideas what else I could try, drop me a note.
Thank you for reading
Amanda of Wildflower Farm
And Nakke the vandal of the $60 dollar bird house

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