My Old Country Road

My Old Country Road.

Quarantine road runs long as does the road from the public street all the way to the old farm house. Still, we are stuck here. Prisoners of a contagion we can’t see…  Isolated… Cut off. “social distancing.” Some days are better than others. The pace of life crawls, I now understand Anne in her attic a lot better…. But that being said…. No one’s convenience is worth the cost of someone else’s loved one’s life. So we stay here quarantining on the farm.

Honestly, it isn’t bad. My mother stopped in again for a day or two… So dinner was excellent. Dr. Farmer Moomin, is suffering from a pinched nerve in his leg and goodness I never have seen such suffering…. I mean I thought the man cold was bad…. But this has been pretty extreme. Normally, I would make him go to the doctor… But, we can’t go cuz of damned Covid.

We are less impacted than many by food shortages and issues because we are a farm…. But those issues have begun to appear…. People have started to protest all this and shame on them….. And ummmm life goes on and the wheel  of nature turns and seasons begin to pass…. The days have already gotten much longer but they will still get longer…. We prepare the yard as much as we can for planting soon. We wil start with the kitchen herb garden and then work outward from the house finally reaching the vegetable patch…. I look forward to the  march of the seasons along the little country road of time. I can’t wait till the berries ripen and the grapes can be juiced for jelly and muffins….

The canning continues…. I wonder if I have lost my mind but my refrigerator keeps telling me I am fine when ever I ask…. Only kidding.

Besides that, today I tested a new weapon against my evil goose Mr. Darcy, I tried shooting him w ith the hose  when he got violent…. He seemed unbothered by the water and went on trying to do murder… But he failed once again. So life goes on the world turns and I will keep walking my little  country road.

Come walk with me.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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