My no good very bad valentines day

What was once the bathroom rug.

This is just not my day… It started off terrible. First at about 2 am one of the dogs crawled into bed and ultimately pushed me right out. Got back in… Went to sleep again…. Couldn’t get the dog out though so he is still there waiting to throw me out again. But, before he could manage to repeat his crime…. Dr. Farmer Moomin, got up to go to work. He knows I have trouble on ice. My balance does not even exist. I am a clutz. He did me the great kindness of feeding The Outside People, (The Outside People, is what we call the goats, geese, ducks, and chickens.) For this kindness I am truly grateful.

Dr. Farmer Moomin, comes back up stairs, to let me know he is leaving and he is leaving all 3 dogs in the bedroom… I make him put the Dane, who will come roll me out of bed a second time, in the hall. And the barking commenceth. It is nearly 7 am. So up we all get myself and my other 2 dogs, and we head downstairs to hang out. We barely make it to the neighbor’s for Pikku’s daily romp with my neighbor’s giant dog. It is how a manage the madness of 3 dogs of varying sizes from 20 lbs to 110 lbs….. It’s how I keep my home calm and stable. The play date as usual went fine, but my third and little man insisted on joining us. Once there he spent his time threatening the big dogs. Unwise. We stood out there for an hour in weather that with wind chill was about 0 f. Finally, unable to feel my feet we headed back across the ice sheet that once was my mini field. By some miracle of the Goddess, Discordia, I made it home without breaking my neck…. Slowly….. Very very slowly. I feed the inside people (dogs and or homo sapien sapiens, or the right cat…. We don’t have an inside cat…. Maybe we need one. No I am not serious, that was a joke.) Then we all went out for a moment with Yoda, my rather strong middle sized guy, so he could do some business. In we come. My turn to eat and cuz it’s winter, and we don’t have a green house or anything else that needed me at that point, I put on some lectures on Anthropology through The Great Courses.

Fast forward to later…. Yoda, my middle sized guy, wants to go out again. So we do. Except he start tugging on his leash suddenly and I am on a sheet of ice with no core strength due to an injury that I am still working on getting full function back from. And my luck ran out. For the second time today I am falling. But frozen ground is very hard. I fell on my pelvis and knee. It really hurt and I am gonna be sore for days but I don’t think I did any further serious damage, all grattitude to Discordia!….

And today is valentines day to top it all off and now I am too wrecked from my fall to really want to go out or do anything later…. It’s just something about february 14th. I always imagined a great romantic day when I was young and single…. Then the same even 12 years into my marriage. And yet nope it just always has to suck. If it isn’t being single that wrecks it…. It is something rude or crude your date says during your fancy romantic dinner. Or it is your husband simply not caring that ruins it… Or it might be you just not being in the mood to celebrate love. Not this year. This year it is spoiled by dogs. Yep, the dogs have killed my valentine’s dream this year…. I wonder what it’s gonna be next year. This is a farm. On a farm, it’s always something. Still, I wouldn’t trade any of it to be rid of the giant bruise now on my right hip and knee. There is a price to pay to farm. You lose sleep… You lose a lot of things, convenience of being close to the city, the respect of family and friends who just don’t understand why you need to do this. Time for yourself, vacations…. etc…. It is labor intensive. It is also an act of love for this planet and it’s inhabitents. I think that is the love I am going to celebrate today…. And it is because of that love you get up every morning and do it all again. Because you know, if you don’t who will? And if no one does, how will humanity continue on this planet? That is being a farmer.

After my fall, we came back inside, I was irritable and in pain. So, I had some choice words for the doggies… And then I put Pikku, in the hall so I could have 10 minutes to eat something, (she is a food troll.) When I let her out, she brought with her my only presently remaining bathroom rug which actually is a joke about pets and she shredded it…. I don’t know what else can go to hell in a hand basket but I am pretty cranky.

Now, I am off to try to love what I do.
There are days it is a struggle.
But, I am a fighter. I have yet to see a struggle I won’t fight through.
Been at that since age 5 when I was hit by a car, which was followed by learning to live with less hearing when they discovered a problem in my left inner ear, which was followed by my war with my own dyslexia for literacy….. And it keeps going.
I may be battered… I may feel some pain. I may be in a bad mood all day.
But I am not beaten.
Thank you for reading
Amanda Of Wildflower Farm

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