Lip Gloss For Dry and Or Chapped Lips

Making herbally medicated lip gloss

It has been hot. Hot and rainy. Humid, with sheets of fog and even thunder and lightning. It seems every night it gets dark early. Not because the sun goes down. But because the clouds pack in and block it out. Making way for torrential down pours that have begun washing out roads in this region. it’s horrifying. We are literally watching the beginning of the end of the world and all life. 5 years is left to fix this mess we have created of our climate. So while Biden, focuses on “good paying jobs,” (and evidently miserable grammar,) I am wondering why bother? We have 5 years till we reach tipping point then maybe max a couple hundred years after that if we are lucky. More likely there will be no life in 90 years from today. Good paying hey? So you can save to help send your grand kid to college? So they can do what exactly with their lives? Suffocate from the heat and die? So you can put food on the table to care for your child so they can grow up to do what exactly? Suffocate from heat and die? What are kids today going to school for? There is a good chance many of them will never see age 45. We MUST fix our priorities. I didn’t support Sanders cuz I liked him. I supported him, because he promised the only thing that can fix this miserable situation. A green new deal. Something Biden, was very careful not to promise us. I might even vote for a republican, if they were serious and hard core on fixing climate over the next 5 years and saving all life on earth. This isn’t about political ideology. It is about the realities of life on a homestead during climate change. Watching my way of life go up in literal smoke and fire year after year lately in this country’s other regions. This entire summer has largely been over 90 degrees around here. It is impossible to work outside in that. I dry out and I get sick.

So, I made a batch of very special herbally medicated lip gloss. For which I can’t give you my exact recipe as it is a trade secret, but may soon be available in the shop coming to this page. I can offer you a somewhat similar recipe you can make at home. It should still be pretty good. But it isn’t just my lips, it is my skin too…. And even my hair. This heat causes me to work even harder to create things to counter the damage it is doing to my body.

Wildflower, in the Fog.

So here is a recipe I created just for my readers…

You will need:
3 table spoons of Shea Butter
1/4 tea spoon Moringa oil, or Jojoba oil
1 table spoon fractionated coconut oil
2 table spoons bees wax

These ingredients make up your base. You have to melt them. Either you can use a double cooking pot thing, (a pot of hot water with a pot inside of it with these ingredients in it,) or you can say…. “My time is precious.” and pop it in the microwave. I am a homesteader. I have to be in usually 3 or more places doing 3 or more different things all at the same time as a singular physical body without magical powers, clones, slaves, help, children, a time machine, or scientific devices created by physics wizards that allow me this magical ability. I also do not have a Tardis to help or a magical wardrobe, ruby slippers, a magic wand, or a Horcrux. Therefore, I use the microwave. I pay close attention though when I do this project, because, over cooking oil is real. It ruins everything and I am out the effort the time and the money with nothing to show for it. Which is something I refuse to tolerate. So I focus on this and check on things every 30 seconds.

Once the oil is clear and melted and the shea and the bees wax too, mix it very very well. it is time to add a few herbal ingredients. I take great care to select my essential oils so that they are “food grade.” If they are not I don’t use them. As I said, time on a homestead can be a tough thing. Essential oils, are an easy and quick solution. But not if they are toxic. So again, take the time do your research and get high quality food grade. Mix them into your mixed base.

10 drops of rose essential oil
5 drops of Geranium essential oil
and 5 drops of peppermint essential oil

Once the essential oils are mixed in, put it back in the microwave for 10 to 20 seconds, give it another good mix and pour it into your containers. Now comes the easy part… Let it sit till the solution hardens into the consistency of lip gloss. For harder lip gloss try adding an extra 1/4 tablespoon of bees wax.

I like this recipe, because rose and geranium are highly moisturizing and especially rose, helps preserve the suppleness of youth. This may not be the recipe I use, but it is still high quality and very nourishing, and protective. The peppermint, acts as a very minor pain killer for dry splitting lips. But care must be taken with the quantity or peppermint does more damage rather than helping to heal. It can act as a drying agent. (Which is one of the leading reasons I avoid purchasing it from the store. Typically some of the most famous lip balm/chap sticks, have a high quantity of mint, which forces the consumer to forever be treating their lips, as it re-hydrates and dries at the same time. Which means, they create future customers as they alleviate the immediate condition.) This may not be my recipe, but it is a bit similar to it and it has a lot of wonderful things in it that should actually heal and sooth rather than trapping you into a cycle of perpetual spending.

Pikku, is also sick of the rain. She wants to be outside raising hell. I know how she feels…..

Always test essential oils and all other oils before you use them. If you are allergic to any of these ingredients substitute others that will offer many of the same benefits while being safe to put so close to your mouth. If you go this route, do your research. If still uncertain check with your doctor.

I hope this recipe can be of use and of help to you in these times of extreme heat.
Thank you for reading,
Amanda Of Wildflower Farm

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