Let The Festival Of Lights Begin!

Wildflower Farmhouse lit up for the holiday!

In here, the glow of the wood stove causes a warm almost gooey, cozy feeling. The lights are low and though the night is young, the darkness outside is already deep. Outside, the smell of cold is suffocating to any true New Englander, it is so strong. Inside, my Winter fragrance burns in a kettle atop the wood stove. A second wood stove has been lit so that the Christmas movie room, is ready once dinner is prepared so we can curl up for a relaxed tv dinner. Tonight, we will watch one of our favorite  Christmas movies, The Family Stone. My sister actually recommended it some years back. We have treasured it ever since.

Visions Of Sugar Plums….

Visions of Mommy being obnoxious with her cell phone’s camera.

There  are many Christmas movies we adore:
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (the original cartoon.)
Family Stone
The Man Who Invented Christmas
A Christmas Carol
Gremlins 1 and 2
Christmas In Connecticut
The Ref
Home Alone
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Four Christmases
The Holiday
Love Actually
The Snow Man
Polar Express
Joyeux Noel
The Christmas Chronicles
Bad Santa
Rare Exports
Edward Scissor Hands
To name just a few of our Christmas favorites!
And here, I remind everyone, we are adults with dogs. As of yet no children…
So if a movie here sounds interesting but you are watching with a child, check it out first to make sure it will be appropriate.

Lighting the candles and oil lamps….

On the eve of  the eve of our secular festival of lights/Christmas/ whatever, we had a busy day. Did  our final shopping for food. Now we will hole up here on the farm…. Eating, laughing, and listening to actually soothing holiday music. The  lights will mostly be low, there  will be lots of reading and too much junk food will be consumed. The dogs will watch us having a pleasant quiet holiday wondering what our mental health issue is. Typically we don’t bring in trees and greenery, we aren’t usually both of us home together for days at a time. We aren’t quite so light of heart…. The dogs will watch in confused shock and awe….

Deck the halls!

This year we are taking it easy, has been a really tough year for us… The toughest part was when I had a bad fall from my horse and broke my pelvis in multiple locations and gave myself a hematoma…. Months on a walker, went through opioid withdrawal, discovered something green now legal in MA that kills pain. Converted to that from the opioids the hospital put me on. Spent 2 weeks in the hospital…. This year kicked our collective butts in a highly irregular sense. So now that everything is prepared, we will just hang out here on the farm and re-charge our batteries with lots and lots of Hygge time.

Lighting Up The Night

Hygge, is a Danish word. Scandinavia, is one of my favorite regions of the world, second only to my home here at Wildflower in NE. Hygge, is a quiet, peaceful, cozy, time that the people of Scandinavia give themselves daily. Often it is spent more siesta style, sometimes it involves a book or a small group of friends playing board games by the fire…. This style is the plan for our holiday. A giant Hygge that lasts from this point till New Year’s Day….

Lighting Up The New England Cold.

The ball will drop, we will go to bed just after the clock strikes midnight. The new year will be born of the karma of the previous year… Life will begin to march on again…

Wildflower Farm Christmas

We will have to join the march  or we will get left behind as life picks up it’s hectic pace again and the world moves on from this peaceful moment of  lights, and a heart full of quiet joy.

Christmas at Wildflower Farm

Thank you so much for joining us in our Hygge inspired
Festival of lights…
We have traveled long and far….
In the process we lost most of the friends we once had.
I suppose I am a bit lonely these days….
So thank you for sparing a moment
to read about our holiday here at Wildflower
All my love and happy holidays everyone
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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