It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Wildflower Farm House Dressed For Christmas.

Some things people may not know, if you ever want an accurate weather report, turn off the TV and look for sea gulls, if I see them around here we are doomed. If I see them at my dad’s we should expect snow but not much to worry about, if seen at the beach good weather.  The further they go from their natural habitat as a sea bird, the worse the weather will be if their direction is inland.  Snow, has a smell…. It is one of the earliest memories, learning to smell snow as a very young girl. I also recall learning to read a sky, children in NE learn these things along with how to smell the ocean. These are very New England things to do. When you smell the snow, it’s time to get ready…. A festival of lights arrives with the snow…. This is New England….And so when the smell of the snow reached a fevered pitch, and the cold began to set in…. We got our tree. Next up, deck the halls. This post is about that. Decking the halls. Christmas ornaments are symbolic. They symbolize old friends, long past loved ones, good times, happiness…. They represent the unasailable human spirit. The light of love that never goes out gifted in fun ornaments and other home adornments along with the warmth that makes a new england winter bearable.

Some like it hot.

Some, like Dr. Farmer Moomin, like it cold, while others like Pikku, like it hot! As for me, I just like the memories  each ornament offers. I like treasuring each one and each item, as I set it up to decorate for the festival of lights.

In the hall

We try to deck the halls at least in some small way in all the public areas of the house.

The Hall

Wildflower Farm Christmas

Christmas at Wildflower Farm

Oh Christmas Tree!

Christmas at Wildflower Farm

Christmas at Wildflower Farm

We typically try to stick to old fashioned, rustic, and primitive decorations as we find our old style farm house lends it’s self well to those….. We have a big dinner between decorating, and often a friend, or family member is kind enough to pull out all our treasures for the holiday. We drink hot drinks, decorate by the fire and remember when with every ornament we hang on the tree. Our hearts are happy, and the best is still yet to come. But for now we are satisfied, to bask in the lights and decor that leads up to that most bright moment, Christmas,  Hanukkah, or any other festival of lights that falls in this season. We treasure them all in NE. We have to. Because the sun sets at  3 pm. The lights and this festival save us. So we go to great lengths to make the most of such bright momentous occasions.

Christmas at Wildflower Farm

My mum, was kind enough to join Dr. Farmer Moomin, and myself. We laughed, we chatted, we ate, we decorated, we remembered the loved ones past and present spread around the world who won’t join us this year except in spirit. We wished them well, and finally we turned in exhausted but feeling a warm glow.

Christmas at Wildflower Farm

Thank you dear reader, for coming along with me….
Into the heart of a New England Christmas time set up.
Merry Christmas, and happy holidays.
Remember in this season, all of us are the light keepers and every home is a light house.
A  beacon in the dark cold that we all steer by.
Your friend
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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