In The Secret Garden


The grass tickles my bare feet, usually I hang out bare foot outside in the magical gardens of Wildflower Farm. I have shown off The Humming Bird Herb Garden, already…. Hidden behind an old country  fence loaded with vines and hidden by a variety of pretty plants is The Secret Garden. It isn’t particularly hidden… It also isn’t much of a secret. Sit on the bench, have some wine, munch the ripening strawberries, or enjoy the grapes from the vine….

Strawberries, Not ready yet, but soon!

The secret garden, offers many delights, we get some raspberries in this area, along with our strawberries…. Sometimes we also have wild growing black berries.

Box Of Berries

But it isn’t all about berries…. In our many raised beds we grow all kinds of fabulous vegetables…

vegie patch.

We use a lot of starts due to climate but I also do a lot of seed,  hoping for a later second hit. Some years, I even plan for a third and leave several rows empty.

Vegie Patch

There is quite a variety, the tried and true, and this year we are experimenting with southern collards and mexican tomatoes, tomatillas.

Vegie patch

Every year I plant a couple waves of cucumbers. The first made up of starts, second I plant at the same time,  from seed.


leeks and greens

These gardens contain secrets, and  sometimes fundimental truths.

Vegie Patch

But most importantly, hidden bits of wisdom can be found in the garden as can a great deal of joy. The magic of our gardens is always a spell cast from joy. Joy of digging in the dirt, joy at growing things, joy of taste, Joy of sunshine. Joy of running through the sprinkler, or a glass of wine on a bench under a tree  and the moon nibbling strawberries or raspberries, in the growing shadow…. Surrounded by the fragrance of strawberry  blossoms and freshly cut grass….  Against a back drop of woodland mystery….

Vegie Patch

Thank you for joining me as I explore and plant this charming and delightful garden.
There is no end to joy when digging in the dirt.
It’s going to be an amazing harvest or two!
Amanda Of Wildflower Farm

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